Monday, March 26, 2012

Amber Brown

In dedication & love....

Old tales say that any situation/situations happen in three's. Why is that?
Very dear & close friends, Karin & Gary Brown, made a very tough decision. Like myslef & a cuz, in the last week, and Amber is now happy & running free & healthy, she too, has crossed over the animal rainbow bridge.
This picute is taken @ their home, down the road from mine, on Little Sebago lake, Gray Maine. The picture is just like Amber, peaceful & graceful.
I have had the privledge of knowing her, baby-sitting her & getting many many loves, likes & kisses from her.
Like Karin & Gary, she is very important to me & she would know when something wasn't right & would give me her look...those eyes....soothing!
We both mover to LSL in July 2001, same weekend, same day.....have hit it off...I do believe due to our sons, who are close, they brought us together.
There will never be a time that I can't imagine Amber not being there....
She is missed.....
I know she is running around w/Sampson, having one heck of a time!
Say hi to him for me....
All my love....Aunti

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