Monday, January 30, 2012

Flower in the Rain

I haven't been to Church in awhile & I am missing that part of my life. I have learned some facts in regards to my Church & am searching for another.
In the meantime, I came across this song that @ one point, I sang as a solo in Church.
Why can't I find this part of my life?
Why is this so difficult?

I am willing to open up & find this new part of my life.
Like a flower needs the rain to grow, to expand, to live & thrive.
I am here.....Lord, I am here....asking for this chance to re-grow, to re-live that part of my life.....but this hole is big. This hole is filling up w/knowledge, experiences, but there is one main & major item that is missing & I plan to find this missing link.

You are the One; there's no one else
Who lifts me up
And gives me water from the well
But there's a hole
That seems to drain it all away
And once again I'm left in fear and doubt
When all my strength is crying out

So here I am again
Willing to be opened up and broken like a flower in the rain
Tell me what have I to do
To die and then be raised
To reach beyond the pain
Like a flower in the rain

The evil wind, it blows a storm
To rock my world
Just when I think I'm safe and warm
I'm led astray far too easily
It's always hard for me to say I'm wrong
Until I know I can't go on


Lord, You have searched me
And know when I sleep and when I rise
You're familiar with all my ways
Even the darkness will shine
Like the day
When you look into my heart


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