Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012...Bring the New Year in!

Though the Chinese New Year won’t start until February 4, 2012, when it does we will be releasing the Year of the White Rabbit and entering the Year of the Black Water Dragon.
The Year of the Rabbit is generally a time for negotiation, security, and diplomacy because it naturally opens waves of communication. It is especially noted for a positive focus on the home and family. The Year of the Rabbit is also considered to be a very lucky time.

On the other hand, the Year of the Dragon is thought to be an unpredictable time period. Because the dragon is such a huge, powerful beast, one cannot see its head and tail at the same time, indicating an element of mystery for the upcoming year. The strength of the dragon empowers us with a large degree of luck, but whether the luck is good or bad will depend on the person. The choice to turn bad luck around to work in your favor, or to improve on the good luck you receive, will require great passion on your part.

Wait, and expect good things - for yourself.

When you wonder what is coming, tell yourself the best is coming, the very best life and love have to offer, the best God and His universe have to send. Then open your hands to receive it. Claim it, and it is yours.

See the best in your mind; envision what it will look like, what it will feel like. Focus, until you can see it clearly. Let your whole being, body and soul, enter into and hold onto the image for a moment.

Then, let it go. Come back into today, the present moment. Do not obsess. Do not become fearful. Become excited. Live today fully, expressing gratitude for all you have been, all you are, and all you will become.

Wait, and expect good things.

Today, when I think abut the year ahead, I will focus on the good that is coming.


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Alyson and Ford said...

Happy New Year! We wish much good luck, good health and good times for you in 2012!

Love, Alyson