Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Movie

I have published two movies I have seen recently & I have been awakened.

Awareness: This is growing within me.
Not only is it Movie Monday, but awareness Monday.

having knowledge; conscious; cognizant:
informed; alert; knowledgeable; sophisticated:

These two movies have awakened my awareness to my unconsciousness and my beliefs & my disbelief's.

What I am learning to do is to sit, quietly, & go within, w/my eyes closed & see the visions & explore this different source of awareness.

In my opinion, unless you have had some experience or guided through w/the help of a professional, it is tough. It's in your breathing, your openness, your awareness that something more powerful is there.

I am struggling, in my way, to life this sharp, heavy rock from my chest, from deep within my cheat, into my stomach, my gut, trying to get it all out.

So for my awareness is & has been heightened & is being helped w/a professional.
Along w/this, these movies bring my eyes wide open.
Another, is journaling. Again, letting my awareness flow through a pen onto the paper, powerful & a lot can be let go there too. To see my beliefs & dibeliefs on paper, astounding! My mind speaks, & it is what is it.

I know to some this makes no sense, but to me, this is my process, my journey, to get through this clogged up system of mine.

All good!
More to come as my journey that old comfortable shirt, sweater or sweatshirt that you take comfort in, take it off & expand & take the leap of faith!

Would you wait for it to rain & complain or have your garden ready or the rain? Would you see if it was going to rain or hang out the laundry to dry?

What would you do?
Be aware!!

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