Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Language Of Letting Go

Notes to Myself:

I was speaking with my dear friend about his desire of letting go. I wanted to know what he was letting go of.
I wanted a list.
In fact, I whipped out my journal and made a list of everything I wanted to let go of.
My friend replied I am letting go of the negative energies of all the things I am carrying. He told me I was being too analytical about it, rather than just experiencing it. Yes, that is my Lira nature, think, analyze, balance, more analyzing & thinking.

I was perplexed, if I was carrying around a heavy sharp boulder & I couldn't just set it down...or drop it...or fling it as far as I could, however, I am not carrying a physical object so I wasn't sure of how to let go of what I'm carrying. I spent the week trying to figure out how to let go. In the process I journaled about everything that I need to let go of. I filled over many pages in my journal, I kid you not, because I have the worst hand writing & boy did my right hand ache.

I stared at the filled pages of messy words I had written.
My story.
Everything I had experienced, am experiencing, shaping me into the person I am today. I saw the weight of the pages that lay before me and I knew that I had found my tangible evidence of what I wanted to let go of. I spent only few moments each night writing and then I spent much more time in silence, reading the scribbles of my writings, even tho I knew my story by heart. I just allowed the energy of everything that occurred in my life that shaped me into becoming who I am today to penetrate my being, even all I had forgotten.

Then, out of nowhere, while I was filing and pulling charts @ work on Tuesday, I got it. The energy of what I really wanted to let go of came to me. I realized this is my pattern and I'll be darned if I repeat it! In that moment, w/the pile of charts @ my feet, I stated, just stared into space, thinking about my intentions. I didn't say anything, I whipped out my journal and I wrote it down also! You know, me, not the writer, haha, I like to put notes everywhere....

I felt relief.
Some of the weight of what I had been carrying around had been released.
I had dropped the baggage. I realized there is, in fact, a language of letting go. It is an unspoken language. It doesn't reveal itself in words, or ideas. It is the awareness that we what we are carrying is something that we no longer wish to be burdened with. I think once we have awareness and we follow it up with the willingness to let go that the process begins.

The language of letting go is releasing the energy of what we are carrying within us.
We form attachments to "Our Story", "my Personal Story", "My Journey".
We identify with who or what we think we are or were.
We form our patterns around behaviors and from our environments, we choose not to look at or change.
Letting go means we are willing to change and metamorphosis into the butterfly.
The butterfly being freedom from what no longer serves us.

By letting go we make space within us for the possibilities of the unknown. Many of us fear the unknown and would rather stick with what is familiar. Without taking a risk by letting go of the baggage we are carrying, we aren't leaving space to welcome in all the new and wonderful potentials. In this moment we are creating the possibilities.

I am realizing that the dynamics in my family were that it was not safe to show emotions or express my feelings, even tho I did, in many ways, and got a "label" because of my out-spoken-ness.

I learned how to suppress my feelings and minimize what I was experiencing, even forget.
I am seeing when we hold in our feelings we are blocking the energy of the emotion. I'm not saying we need to hold onto or wallow in it.
I feel we need to be present in the moment of the feeling and actually feel it.

When we block our feelings, they become buried and lodged in our energetic & sometimes overwhelmed bodies. Then, when we are ready to release the feelings, it is much more difficult because we never experienced them at the time of the occurrence.

It is challenging to identify something we've never allowed ourselves to feel, again, burying feelings is no help to me or anyone around me. It causes a mind-body disassociation. I am realizing that in order to let go we need to feel it first, take from the experience what was necessary and then move on.

Through my journaling process, I can see how much of my life I detached from my emotions.
How can you release something that you are not even connected to? Forgotten?

Detachment further distances you from letting go. By gaining the awareness through the experiences, feeling the emotions and identifying where in the body the energy of it resides, aids in making it concrete. It gives you the tangible "bag" that you can set down, drop like a ton of bricks or just plain fling @ the dump!!!

It can & It is a a very freeing experience.

Our planet is going through a major upheaval, cleansing and realignment process. Everything is changing and transforming. We can help the process by allowing ourselves to transmute the old and make space for the new. We may let go of the energy of what no longer serves us and make space for the unlimited possibilities of what we can create.

The only constant anything about change is change & the sooner I am aware & accept this change or any change, the better off I am & will be!

It's time we let go of expectations, and outcomes, w/people, work, even family, for really what is meant for us is a thousand times better than the limited things we would accept.

Letting go is releasing the old fears and patterns. When we are afraid of accepting the gifts presented to us, we are rejecting the potential. If we keep trying to do things the old way, we are not giving ourselves an opportunity to grow and change.

The language of letting go is releasing the energies of the old.
The language of letting go is about giving ourselves permission to experience and express our feelings.
The language of letting go is being present in the moment to receive all the wonderful opportunities that life is bringing to us.
We are the butterflies that have the power to set ourselves free.

Prayer: The Language of Letting Go
Infinite One,

I accept the blessings of love in my life. I accept myself the way I am. I am good enough. I am whole.

I release the energy of my limits, for I see myself as limitless. I want to experience and feel all there is to experience. I want to fly free, unencumbered by previous limitations.

When opportunity calls, show me how to release the fears of taking a chance. I don't want to hold myself back. I'll risk getting hurt if it means I might have a greater chance of experiencing love and happiness.

I let go of the past and embrace the now. I am light as a feather, as my fears and limiting beliefs are removed. My wings unfurl as I am ready to take flight and soar to new heights.

Thank you for your ever abiding presence. I am so grateful.

And so it is.


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