Monday, February 21, 2011

Support system needed.....

I need//want motivation again

I need//want the energy again

I need//want the tiredness to go away

I need//want the aches & pains to go away

I am going in circles...if I could just didn't have the neck & back pain & then I could get up & move. When I do feel good enough to move then the ache & pains return, especially the horrible headaches.....a vicious circle....

So there I was on facebook, and a high school friend started her blog of her journey, there t is my eyes are open.

I know for me, no scale.
I know for me, seeing the clothes fit differently is my goal.

GOAL: Cruise next yr @ this time w/a bunch of friends.

BIGGER GOAL: My son's future wedding. To look & feel amazing on his day, for him. (yes for me, just a little)

So here start's it, no number's for the outside world, but every Monday nite, well, maybe Monday am......I will let you all know....

To be in balance, again.............a dream........a goal...........


The Adventures of the Evolving Me said...

We can do this. I am not sure if I am the friend you mentioned, but I really really need people who really GET this struggle and understand the dramatic issues involved with dealing with this issue, the emotions, the roadblocks, the struggles, the stigma. I am so excited to have such a fantastic group of people reading my ramblings and I am excited to keep up with your posts and your journey. Let's encourage each other and celebrate the small victories and inch toward the bigger victories.

I look forward to hopefully sharing a celebratory cocktail with you in a few short months!

With much love,


Mel//Miss//Missy/Cobbie/MCHammer/MC said...

YES!!!!!!! all smiles now! 4-24-11