Sunday, January 03, 2010

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, Bring on 2010!!

Yes, 2010 is starting off like a traditional Maine blizzard...............since Thursday evening, 12-31-2009, we have has a continuous snow storm. ANd just wneh I finish plowing, more comes down.

These are huge & beautiful, wishing the sun was out so these icicles would sparkle....they also .........and can be deadly.......

The helpers, Nana & Andrew. Andrew follows after The Beast is done, cleaning up my mess. THANKS KIDDO!

One New Year's resolution, to visit my niece (well, her family too)in Florida more.........Florida has had a cold snap & she is wearing a Pink Boston Red Sox sweatshirt I got her, too cool!

Another resolution, to sit & relax more. To write more, whether it be to family & friends or in my journal.

No matter what, all enjoy 2010. It's the present, a gift, respect it!

"Take a moment to share your gratitude for the family and friends in your life; family means too much, friends are too valuable and life is too short to put off sharing how much they really mean to you. They are the gifts that make one's life truly rich." Thanks WW, well spoken!

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Alyson & Ford said...

Love seeing the pictures of home and family! Hope to see you more in 2010 too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy