Sunday, October 11, 2009

Worth every moment

Two nephews

"Little Biggin" turned 3 on 10-5-2009 & we all gathered as a family on Saturday 10-10-09 to sing that B-day soong.
This made my day, getting hugs from both K & B!!! Thanks!!

So Family, what constitutes a family in 2009? We had some discussion, yesterday, w/some family members about this topic.
All I know is B will have a HUGH family and I am happy for him. And aren't' we as older adults suppose to be happy & help along ones journey?

Does a family need to be "legal?" Marriage?
Here in Maine, this is going to be voted on.
I have mixed feeling about this entire subject.
Me, personally, I will call it being happy, in love, having family. Blended families.
I think I am very open, but same sex marriages, I am not sure I am 100% convinced. Will this open up talk on my blog? Not sure.
My son has been exposed to this more than myself & I do welcome & love his extended family.
But what do I feel?
I will probably go around & around & confuse myself even more.
Can you really fall in love @ first site?
Are you born w/a feeling? Or do you learn this & all the exposure you have in ones life?

I don't want to take away from B's birthday pictures, just weighs on my brain.

Aunt Amy & Brandon's little sister, Serenity! She was very good & Aunti M got to hold her, play w/her & even feed her!! That gave her Daddy a small break.

Aunti M & Serenity, do I look bugged eyed, ayup, need a little time to prepare for a picture when you have an infant in your arms! haha

The Birthday boy & loads of sugar! Talk about Sugar Saturday!

Opening a ton of gifts & w/help from Mommy & friends!

Then to my SURPRISE, Mom had a cookie cake for me! ARGH! I no longer like these days--or just my b-day, but I will help celebrate anyone's else s!

This was "flown" to me from my FL family! AN amazing surprise & gift, from Silpada!!! Thanks! I wonder where she gets her GRAND jewelry taste form?

See Family, all kinds & all over!!! Love them all!


Alyson & Ford said...

I have my religious beliefs. They serve as guideposts in my life. I don't always follow the guideposts. No surprise there.
I also understand that my religious beliefs are just that - my beliefs. Beliefs do not always make for good law, especially so for those who do not share my religious belief or any religious belief.
All of this to say, I draw a distinction between what is civil and what is religion. I oppose discrimination including those based on a religious belief. I understand the church is divided on this issue but then the church was divided over slavery.
Same sex marriage is uncomfortable for many but discrimination should be uncomfortable for us all.
Regardless of how you vote. I know it will be from your heart.

Melissa said...

You said that wonderfully, see why I turn to you? XXOO