Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October & Little Sebago Lake 10-14-2009

Just a wednesday in mid-October. Nothing special, but this BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!

To see this everyday, I only wish for! Not every day can you get the sunrise & the fog off the lake....that would be the best birthday gift, for the entire year!

This is my slice of heaven!


Debz said...


I was so excited when you left a comment on my blog saying you share the same birthday as me!

Yay! I have a birthday if you wee 40 we would be birthday twins! But you only look about 34.

Love your post on peroxide! I never knew!

Melissa said...

Thanks Deb. This is out my first door--Little Sebago Lake!
If you'd like to keep in touch too I am @
Well if it helps I am 40--sort of--been there done that & it was awesome!