Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Sebago Lake & it's beauty!

I can NEVER get bored looking @ Little Sebago Lake!!!

Some of my friends comment "How many pictures of the Lake do you need?" --or-- "Once you have seen one--"
Nope, I disagree.
Any day will never repeat itself.
Each picture is different.
Each picture has its own peacefulness & beauty, how can you not snap a load of pictures? I Love It!!
Any day of the year, no matter what season, I can come home from work, whether a good day & especially when a bad day & look outside & see the extraordinary scenery & fall in love every moment! All trouble float or melt away & I ask myself, "Did I work today?" Nothing else matters when I see this outside!!!

This is the next picture of clouds that came along--like life small changes, one at a time--this I can handle!

Then the two clouds became one!
Yes I waste a lot of time watching & breathing!

We had a visit over this glorious weekend, Henry came over! What a big fluffy pillow, or better yet, a big white fluffy cloud!
My son's girlfriend brought Henry over. A Great Pyrenee and he is very lovable!!! Too large for me, but a good ole dog!

Talk about "visitors!" haha
She cooks, cleans, fixes things, (even attempts to teach me how to fix crap around here) and keeps me laughing & smiling when I can't see the beauty outside--is this person my husband, wife, cuz or friend? Well now that you ask--by blood, this is my Cuz--her nic-name-Calvin, but MOST of all, my best-test bud in the world, by best friend!! That alone makes her a keeper!! Wouldn't change her one bit!
Love ya CR!! (this may be my last post, cause cuz will probably kill me w/that picture--but hey, she is enjoying the quiet & peacefulness too!


Alyson & Ford said...

Love the lake, love Cuz, love you!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Melissa said...


Right back @ ya Maine style!