Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once again I have stolen--but this one is really good!!

With all that has happened in the world this past week, once again, I wanted to show a picture I found & this picture gives me peace.
I a picture is worth a thousand words....................."the way life should be,"(maine's logo!) RELAXED!!


Alyson & Ford said...

I loved this photo of Dad and Salty Dog.... Thanks for sending it!

Too many people dying who were born my same birth year. I need to take care of myself!

Melissa said...

Stop that!!!!
You are healthy & you have to have this as a goal--even tho Ford is there for you in MANY MANY ways--it's only you who can take care of you!!! If you aren't healthy, then how can you care for AA & be there for all her firsts, her smile & giggles--go get a new PCP!!! If you don't like something, or an answer, speak up! As Dad always taught me--"The only stupid question is the un-asked question!" I became a sponge w/that statement & I can tell you my work loves that about me!
Spend sunshime rays this way please!