Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boy, I should be in jail from all the stealing I do from my Sister & Brother-in-law's blog!!

These are the truth!!!

You Know You're An Older Parent When:

•There’s a schedule conflict between Grandparent’s Day and Parent’s Day at school.

•Your bedtime comes before theirs. (AA parents stay up later--not much, but they do!!)

•Playing on the floor involves you sitting on the couch. (AA's Daddy get's right in there on their floor & plays!!!)

•All your lullaby tunes include a subtle mix of The Beatles. (and Daddy CAN SING WONDERFULLY!! Pls don't ask Mommy too--haha)

•You keep increasing your term life insurance.

•The guardians named in your Will ask, “How are you doing?” And mean it. (isn't that your other children??)

•You worry about losing your drivers license at the same time your child is worried about getting theirs.

•When dining out you qualify for Kids Eat Free and the Senior Discount! (you are taking advantage of this program--aren't you??)

•Strangers smile and ask how many grandchildren you have. (I don't think Daddy likes this one--HOWEVER--they do have grandchildren!)

•Your 3 year old is an Aunt. (well AA is 2 1/2 & her neices are 5 & 3--right--haha--)

This is KM, AA's 5 yrd old neice!!!

Love all my Florida family!!!!!!

This is AC, AA's 3 yr old neice!!!

A very nice way to end my trip, a swim w/AA!!!!!

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Alyson & Ford said...

You thief!!
Thanks for all the family pictures....

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Nine Months