Saturday, April 25, 2009

New friends

Life is good w/friends!!

Nikki & I have been "outside" contacts for the doctor's offices we work for, for the last nine years.
We never have gone out & we finally did.
I haven't had that much laughter in a long time!
While @ work, there aren't many oppurnities to chat & laugh, biz as usual, but Nikki invited me to come out & meet some of her friends! Always good to get out & you never know who you'll meet! (thanks Dad!) I never felt like an odd person out or a third wheel!!

I've never been one who needs the drinks to have a good time & last nite we definalty didn't!
There were so many jokes flying around, smiles & laughter!!! A good time had by all!

Thanks Nikki!!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Glad you had fun!! Looks like everyone was enjoying!

Alyzabeth's Mommy