Sunday, March 15, 2009

Signs Of Spring in 46 Degree Maine!!

This is a plant that I "inherited" from my Grandmother when I moved into her home & look @ what happens. This bloom only happens once a year, now, @ Springtime!!!

This blossom usually sprouts up in the middle of the plant, but this time, for some odd reason, it's on the outside, w/a load of other blossoms to come!

Look how many more blossoms to come!

Maybe 7-8 more!!!

Here it comes! Yes, it's always a bright orange when it first shows itself, but then as they all open up, it's a pale orange, but beautiful it is!!!

I went to the plant & actually there will be 14 more!!

I can't wait!!

Look what else is showing its face!! The Lake!!!!


Alyson and Ford said...

Waiting on the news I used to get from E-E: Ice is out!! Let us know!
Beautiful plant; you must be good with plants (I am not, so better you have them!).


Melissa said...

Hey I always tell you when the ice goes BYE-BYE!! It's opening up just a little bit in frint of Mom's but it'll take a long time of warmer weather!
Also, this is one of E-E's plants that has had several babies & so when you come here again, drive that is, let me give you some of them!! It's a flower that starts w/a c.......but haven't a clue what it is...I'll keep you posted on the lake!

Alyson and Ford said...

Yes, I would like one of the plants.... get "propagating"!


Melissa said...

Trust me I have another onew just as big & babies all throughtout the home & have even given babies as b-day gifts!!!!