Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Fun Fun til the little had to go home.........

3-27-09: I had a little visitor Mr. BJP!!!

Nite-nite time!

Breakfast time, bananas, toast & pb, cereal w/strawberries & juice, YUMMY!!

Does this picture tell you a thousand words?

Bath time & to think the "little biggin" still fits in my sink! haha
Oh the stories I'll have for his future wife! hahahahaha

Always reading when B is around & Nana was here to help w/Dr. Seuss' books: Green Eggs & Ham(b doesn't like them either-ha ha), I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, Inside Outside Upside Down, and Oh The Tinks You Can Think, and too many more to mention.

Saying good bye is tough...........B likes going in Aunti M's big red truck w/lots of bumps he'd ask for.

Bye cuz ATW.

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