Sunday, February 22, 2009

While another Maine storm is here, I experimented w/making candles from a Christmas gift from my Maine sister & brother-in-law!

So here I am, relaxing on a Sunday & waiting yet another Maine storm, another foot the weather people are calling for.
So I got motivated, got the stove going & thankfully didn't take ANY pictures of the process!
What a mess I made!

These candles are not as pretty as they look!
If any of you attempt this, please wear something that washes easy. Like a trash bag!!!

Sunday's are a lazy day, more so in the winter time, so look who was lazy!

Must be nice!

I am going to follow suit & call it a nite. The Beast & I will have a date early in the am!

1 comment:

Alyson and Ford said...

The candles look nice - good effort!
The cats are cute!