Saturday, February 14, 2009

Florida visitors!!!

Look who came to visit me, Aunti M @ my work!! THEY ARE HERE!!!

Morning time watching Elmo w/Aunti M.

Breakfast! YUMMY!

Aunti M's favorite! Hand holding!


Did Aunti M tire AA out? Nope, I think AA tired Aunti M out!

We ventured outside on the cold, windy Maine day!

AA must think we are nuts!

Very cold, however AA didn't want to go back inside!

Nana was the only smart one in the bunch and brought the outside inside!

BJP came to visit to, to play w/the snow!

Play play play!! The only way to be! PLAYING!

We all played very hard that gave us a HUGE appetite! So off to Cole's Farm we went!!!
MMmmmm MMmmmmm GOOD!
More photos to come throught their visit!

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