Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Christmas traditions

This in one of many Christmas catus' from my Grandmother E-E. When I moved here 7 + years ago, I inherited many of these, already having some of my own. This is one of her plants.

This plant has several blossoms ready to bloom.......

I am collecting Christmas houses & these are some of them. Haven't gotten any new this year, but will afterwards w/the great after Christmas sales!

Here are more, they are scattered throughout my home. I do have a spot big enough for them all, but that would mean dismantling my bookshelves! That's a lot of work. Is that was Christmas is about? Work??

Another tradition, was these little red stocking that E-E made & then, in earlier years, would put lifesavers in them & then wrap a certain denomination of cash around it for the immediate family. In later years she would put a used pill bottle w/this money in it. She was clever. She & Papa would also wrap our gifts in different boxes that these gifts originally came in too keep us all guessing!

She also made an assortment of ornaments for her tree.

My sister in Florida, also is very crafty & clever, she too, has made several different ornaments over the years & gave some to the family.

This is my original stocking, at one point, like when I was 2 months old, this stocking was bigger than me. So in 1987, when ATW was almost 4 months old, I gave it to him.

I am trying to "grow-up" and have some pattern in my life. I am liking the colors of green/gold/brown for Christmas decorations. I have picked up a few, including these stockings.

These are a few of the new colors.

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Alyson and Ford said...

You've done wonderful with that old house! Enjoy your Christmas!

I tagged you to do a meme, check my blog!

Alyzabeth's Mommy!