Monday, December 22, 2008

Eight Things


Dale at Fetching Frances (and they have already fetched her home!) tagged us to this Crazy Eights List. DH and I will complete the list together so if it looks a bit "opposites" in the same list that's us!
Read the bottom of this post as we tagged Eight Bloggy Friends!!

Eight Favorite TV Shows:
What Not to Wear (TLC);
American Idol (our DD sings and got us hooked during the first season);
Anything on Food Network (except Paula Deen's Party... she's going too far on that show!); my favorite is Barefoot Contessa; DH's is Throwdown with Bobby Flay;
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Backdoor;
NFL Football;
and MY all time FAV is any NASCAR Race!!!
Now me:Nascar, Houston Animal Cops , Little People Big World, Kate & Jon plus+ 8, 17 and counting, Dateline, Sex Change Hospital, The Hills

Eight Things I look Forward to:
Alyzabeth being FULLY potty trained;
Alyzabeth wearing her wedding pearls;
My retirement (less than five years and counting!);
First Christmas with Alyzabeth, her older brother Justin and sister Leaa plus the two grands - we're all together!!
Cousin Hilary's 50th Celebration in NH, February 2010, snow skiing and lots of winter fun!;
The Inauguration;
Economic recovery and
Living debt free.
Now Me:Getting medically better in the new year, Going to FL to see my neice AA, seeing ATW complete college, Changing careers, Being w/BJP, Swimming in the lake during the summers, Living debt free.

Eight Things on My Wish List:A GREEN World;
Living with Global Peace;
Our investments to recover (economic recovery AND growth);
Winning the Florida Lotto;
A Return Trip to China;
A Summer Vacation in Europe with all the Kids;
Live long enough to dance at AA's Wedding (we are older than dirt!);
Protection, love, health and well being for all Children around the World, living in a World with no orphans.
Now my turn: Geting a garage door opener, purchasing new appliances, Winning any lottery, Peace in the world, being involved w/a man that really cares, Getting healthy, A trip around the world, To be able to adopt.

Eight Things We Did Yesterday:Christmas Shopping;
Told AA we love her, hugged her and hugged her again;
Bathed AA in bubble bath;
Did laundry;
Spoke to on the phone: Pam, Gloria, my Mom and Carolyn;
Ate homemade chocolate sheet cake at Christa's 22nd Birthday Party (all the family was there and had a few birthday wishes for Cathy too);
Met Pam & Kenny at the park to see the lighted Christmas Trees;
Met Carolyn to get her cat, Daisey, we will babysit over the Christmas holiday while she flies home to see family in Maine.
My turn:Snow plowed, Shoveled, Played w/my blog, Made a new friend & chatting w/this person, Re-connected w/2 friends from HS, Got into the attic to try & organize, Played w/Sampson in the snow, Spent time w/ATW & BC.

Eight Favorite Restaurants:
Blue Grotto;
Moon River Pizzeria;
The Tasting Room; Tapas & Wine Bar (St. Augustine); We also like Cafe 11, Gypsy Cab and A1A all in St. Augustine;
Red's Eats (Wiscasset, Maine);
Cinque Terre (Portland, Maine);
Hickory Log BBQ (Dexter, Missouri).
My favorite places:The Great Lost Bear, The Sedgely House, Applebee's, Tortilla Flats, Margarita's, Red's Ice Cream, Harmon's Hamburgers, Ri-Ra's.

Eight Friends we are Tagging (If you have already been tagged, let me know):
Catherine's Chatter;
Born in Our Hearts;
My sister at The Maine Event;
Ladybugs and Dragonflies;
Our China Travel Bud's at Sophie's Stories;
The Rizzo's in Florida at Sunflowers and Ladybugs (Sophia Joy);
Another Florida Family at LayDFrog (I think she has done a dozen "meme" but not this one!);
The Christopher Family, When Love Takes you in, Waiting for Lynn Marie.
Tagging, I don't do that, well as of yet......

If you want to read some lists, we love how Vivian writes about daughter Kerri. Check out her blog!
If you haven't been tagged and would like to post this meme, let me know and I will link you.
Have fun!!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Very good!
I have never heard of "Sex Change Hospital"... I don't want to know!
Adopt? Maybe you will find a man who cares and adopt his children?
Made a new friend?
Never heard of Ri-Ra's?
Wishing you much happiness in 2009; let's make these wishes happen!