Thursday, November 27, 2008


Can you say DINNER?? Or DINNA in Maine?

Um, he said NO!!!

This was Thanksgiving dinner!

The table all set.

The "Under The Sea Salad" 1st step, soak in warm water to loosen!

2nd step, be very gentle & flip....

3rd step, w/a little "Nana love" and more jiggling & yes, pray..........because in the last few years this mold doesn't come out, or it seems to slide off!!!

TA DA!!! And it is just as yummy as it looks!

We even "skyped" the Florida family!

Little biggin was all set!

After the Thanksgiving festivities, we then had a (belated)Birthday Celebration For GMS & CGS!!

We all then relaxed & the boys played!

Happy Happy Holiday Season!!!!


Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Belated Birthdays to GS and CS!

Love Aunt Elsie's under sea salad! Yummy!

Glad you were all together.


Melissa said...

Heather, new to our funny traditions, like the saled, loved this salad! She also loved the roll toss!!