Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What a rollercoaster ride it's been

So, I haven't been good @ posting lately, and this is why..................

Do I actaully have "bragging-rights" or do AA parents? I don't know, but for now, this is my neice!!!

Proud Mommy(mama)

Proud Daddy(baba)

Proud Nana

Proud Cuz ATW

Proud Aunti M

AA had Maine Lobster!

While AA's folks decided to go out to dinner w/a cuz, Nana & I played & feed her dinner, and boy can this girlfriend eat!
We played & sang silly songs.

We went to LL Beans.........and where else would this particular family go? We love Santa from the E-store!

Cuz B got to play w/AA!! He was a good sport & shared!

AA is the best event, person, miracle to happen in this family!

I Love AA & her family & wishing we could all be together & watch AA grow. I hope she'll know that her Maine family is there, in FL, right beside her, in spirit & in thoughts & in her heart!
All my love,
Aunti M


nanook said...

Hey Melissa,

So glad to see you finally updated your blog and added some pics...AA is so adorable. Congrats to you and your family. I look forward to more posts.


Alyson & Ford said...

Love the pictures - thanks for posting!!! You were great with her! Come visit!

AA's Mommy for Seven Weeks!

Melissa said...

Thanks R..............you have been there in support for me thru this & other stuff, THANK YOU!!!!