Thursday, November 27, 2008

Look @ what we woke to on Thanksgiving morning!!!!

A thin layer of ice!! Winter wonder land is on the way.

We are all going to sharpen our skates!

Just awesome!


Can you say DINNER?? Or DINNA in Maine?

Um, he said NO!!!

This was Thanksgiving dinner!

The table all set.

The "Under The Sea Salad" 1st step, soak in warm water to loosen!

2nd step, be very gentle & flip....

3rd step, w/a little "Nana love" and more jiggling & yes, pray..........because in the last few years this mold doesn't come out, or it seems to slide off!!!

TA DA!!! And it is just as yummy as it looks!

We even "skyped" the Florida family!

Little biggin was all set!

After the Thanksgiving festivities, we then had a (belated)Birthday Celebration For GMS & CGS!!

We all then relaxed & the boys played!

Happy Happy Holiday Season!!!!


They were patiently waiting....................the little one(the black cat) & neptune.(the money/tiger cat)

At 14 yrs old, Tequie needed unexpected surgery.
Can you imagine, a cat w/double ear infections! So bad that her left ear was swollen up like a big balloon! She's doing much better, however, this "cone" needs to be on for 2-3 weeks! She is not happy about that......but still curls up w/me @ nite!

As you can see her left ear & many stiches, good kitty!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

So much to be Thankful for. A time to reflect & remember the ones who have gone before us all and be blessed that these people were here to help us & guide us thru life.

Thankful for these two wonderful men in ly life! My Dad was always there no matter what..."Kiddo, I'll always Love you, your my daughter."
My son, my rock, my stability, my gravity, my all!

My Mom, for whatever reason, we argue & don't get along, but there are always hugs & times of good cheer & chat!
For AACM, a blessing, a star, a wonderful addition to our family!

Lastly, but in NO WAY LEASTLY(a word?) my sister's!!! No matter how far we are away, or how often we talk, they are there for me!!! Through my babblings, my stupidity, anything I haven't been up "to-par" on, they don't even blink or hesitated to throw me a hug, a friendly card to re-assure me this is a stage....well, then my life is a "stage" of complexity!
To my bother-in-laws too, who have put up w/their wives crazy baby-girl sister, brat, whatever they call me............I Love you too & thanks for all you do too!

May all your Holidays be a gift & a present throughout ALL YEAR LONG!! Be grateful!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My missed Florida family!

What a beautiful looking family!

Oh yes, you can't forget Salty-Dog!

I miss them ALL so very much!!!!

The Little "Biggin" came to Aunti M's!!

Look who came to visit 35 Cobb's Dr!!!

What a big eater he is! For breakfast he had 2 packets of apple oatmeal, toast w/pb, a banana, and lots of oj!

Lots of kisses from Nana!

Nana trying to find "choo-choo train" for B!

Fly away into your dreams little one!

Even little CC wanted action w/the dream world.

B being silly with "his" Boston Red Sox hat!

Watching Sesame St!!

B asked A to read..........then it was time to go home.........

Sunday, November 16, 2008


She will be the best pianoist!

With her brother-in-law, JC. Can you just imagine being 2 years old & already having a BIG family, including a brother-in-law!! YAHOO!!

What a BEAUTIFUL young lady!!

Bring it on home.........

To that person that means the WORLD to me...............dedicated to know who you are....................

Happy Birthday to SC & LC, 1 yr old!

The cake, "Two Peas In A Pod" was the theme!


Big sister, MC, helping w/the cake tasting!

Mom walked around w/Sadie, while Grandma Curtis walked w/Lilly!!!!

Double trouble!
If you enlarge this picture you can see Lilly on the left w/the freckle, this is how we, who don't see these angles all the time, tell them apart!

Daddy & 1 baby-girl.

Grammie, Mommy & another baby-girl.

Lots of kids & adults on the floor playing, a good time by all! Oh, did I mention the ton of food these cuz's always have! Again YUMMY!!!

Where did that Deer come from?

Just when you think it's safe out there in Maine! A foggy, rainy nite & BOOM!! ATW hit a deer, but really think about it, the Deer hit him! During November it is hunting season in Maine & the deer scatter about.....especially on the highway to escape the hunter, but then the cars.............hunt them....

What is left of the drivers side lite.

Not that I am proud of this accident, however, ATW is learning how to fix things! Which is GREAT!!

When the mouse away the cats will play!

Sampson & I went for a walk & left the 3 cats to fend for themselves...........

CC(curiuos cat) has found a new way to use the plant-stand that my Dad made. We now have adopted another name for this little kitty...LO, for little-one. Her Mom is not much bigger.

Eat eat eat.........while we exercise, they ate! Boy must be nice!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Melt Aunti M's heart--from my Sis's blog can I NOT want to be there in FL & pick my niece up & just love & can still watch her @
Love yo all!