Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tuesday 9-9-08

Loving the relaxation of the hot & humid sun here on the St John's River!

As I watch my sister & brother in law get ready for the trip, many thoughts race thru my brain for them & yes, for me.

Will they be safe during the long plane ride? Not just the 12 hour ride to China, but the trip to IL too?
Will their stay in China before getting AA be smooth during the entire process? Will AA climb into their loving arms & say Hi or Mommy or Daddy?
Will AC & FM cry continusly thru this journey?
Will their free time really be fun & enjoyable?
Will their trip back be safe?
Will my Mom then cry continously?
Will AA really get to know AC's side of the family living so far away?
This I will make sure happens!!
Many pennies I am saving for many trips to FL!!!!!
Oh so many thoughts and questions are churning thru my brain.........

Will AA's smile grow & grow as she adapts to US life?
And a new life w/her Mommy & Daddy?

All I know is I am up for this journey w/them & w/loads of uncoditional love, many hugs & kisses & support beyond support for my sister, Alyson & brother-in-law, Ford!
It's my turn to help you & I am ready freddy! Ask away!!

CONGRATULATIONS & loads of love, I have already packed for you in your small bags!!

All my love!!!!!!


Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you... lots of love back at you!


Melissa said...

Right back @ you BOTH!!!!