Thursday, July 24, 2008

Passing of the "PLATES!"

It's a done deal...........swapping of the plates from the destroyed 1993 Toyota Camry to the 2001 Dodge Intrepid to the 2000 Dodge Durango!

We're both now off & running, well driving!!!!!

Vacation week 7-14

Look what we woke to one morning!

Lookie what showed up on my front door!

July 5th 2008

We had a visitor!

I'm trying to catch up on days, times & events. I haven't had the use of my computer for some time, but here we go, overload w/posts!

He tried out his new buggie in the water!

Even tho B is great @ running around, he wasn't ready for the waves of the lake & laughed every time he fell into the water as us adults panicked a litte!!

B even got Nana wet plenty of times!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new family member

Bloggers meet Neptune, Neptune meet the world!

My nephew asked me to "adopt" Neptune as he moved in w/his GF & she is allergic. She will be 1 yr in Sept & has yet to really show her kitten side. The first few days she stayed in my bedroom w/all the ammenties! She moved right in & settled on my bed. Tequie, my 14 yr old cat that I have had since a kitten, wasn't too thrilled, but as you can see, no problem & they even eat breakfast together now.

Ah, relaxation!

Home Sweet Home! One happy family!


YEA to me!!!

My new to me Dodge Durango and boy can it duran"GO!"


Whenever I would go w/my Dad, we'd play a liecence game & play Cribbage w/the plate numbers. Nice temp plate, huh? Hopefully this would be my kitty & throw in a 2 & a 1 & then pray for a face card or a ten or even another 1, 2 or 3!

My baby Dodge Interpid now got passed to my we will offically trade plates @ a later date & then I'll cry!!!!

So in w/the new & out w/the old! However, my "old" baby will still be in the driveway!

A new arrival for our neighbors!

Please visit and see our neighbors as they now travel tomorrow to get their daughter Emily Min!
CONGRATULATIONS to The Morse's & their entire family!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

In with the new & out with the old

More to come on this subject................CARS & TRUCKS!!!