Tuesday, June 10, 2008


MCR's family.....I know, not the day after, but still some great photo's. MCR, JR, FR, and their Mom, RR.

The Best Man & his family.

THE CAKE........yummy! The Bride & Groom had fun & it was too hot for them to stay in their gown & tux!

And if you can believe this, in the HEAT, basketball game after basketball game!! Even MCR teamed up w/his brother against the Best man & the other great friend! I hate to say it Brothers won both games & the losers, well I won't tell you what the penalty was!! Let's just say the losers really didn't mind the punishment in the heat! If you ever "chugged" any kind of drink, well they just put a new meaning on "chugging!!!"

Now, the day after festivities!!

The girls in the tree climbing & having fun just hanging out!

Good food made by an awesome cook!

Just hanging out w/the family & especially BR @ 8 months old! What a way to end the weekend, laying around!

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