Saturday, May 31, 2008

Canada--This what happens when you loan out your camera.........

What's the saying, " a picture is worth a hundred words?!" Well, my BF went to Canada to celebrate his brother's bachelor party w/4 guys. Does this say it all?

I guess the women, cars & beer is better there.................
We'll just see about that!

You think I'd really post pictures of the actually people they took?
What happens in Canada stays in Canada. Now where have I heard that similar comment?

All I know, he's still feeling this..............hahaha..........sympathy you ask? Ah.............self infliction? Ah no sympathy here!
I'm glad they all had fun!!!

Saturday-dismal & deary

You got it, even tho it's overcast & 55 degrees, "my-boys," JB, JH, & ATW, got Nana to let them put the Seadoo in & go wake boarding. Actually it's a new thing, a ski-board. No binders & they put on their own sneakers & hop on. Difficulty, herd. Now you have nothing to hold you on & this is all balance, good luck jumping those wakes!

Ayup, as Nana says "they are just crazy!" Nothing stops them. Now if my son could just put the energy he has w/water sports & funnel this into cleaning his room.........ayup, another battle to deal with........gotta love 'em tho!

Thunderstorms & Memories

While @ my BF's overnite, weather-folk stated that we'd get a few t-storms. So we woke this Saturday am to a huge clap of Thunder. Yes, I admit this, I hate them, especialy when they give no warning so I always jump!
Yes, I understnad all the logic w/these storms & can be @ home & feel good & can sit & watch them over the lake. However, the thought of my driving home in a storm, ah, not my favorite drive, and yes I love to drive...............FAST!!!

Years ago, my Dad, taught me to think of the Angels bowling. Yes, we are a bowling(well were)family. Think of the start of the storm as the Angels are getting ready. The smaller the sound the less pins that fell. The largest clap of thunder meant a strike & the more thunder the more strikes the Angels got & the higher the score!
Okay, makes sense.

So the next time you are in the middle of a storm, thinking of the balls traveling down the lane & hitting the pins!!!

Helps me, knowing Dad is doing one his favorite past times w/his Dad & Best Friend-CE.

Even after any storm, no matter what kind of storm, you'll always have your relief & your rainbow!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An EXCELLENT job well done!!!

This is what the locals in Gray call "THE ROCK." Someone, nice enough, painted this American Flag for Memorial Day!
Thru the years, anyone & everyone, who had or has a message to state, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, anything, gets written on this amazing rock. I have even had my 21st(oh how long ago that was)posted on this rock!

As you are looking at the Rock, to the left someone also wrote, THANK YOU TO ALL & ALL THE VETRANS! An amazing comment! I love it!
Thank you to whomever did this!

Andrew meet shingles, Shingles meet Andrew

Ready, Set, Go!!!

Who wins? The shingles or Andrew??

It was a tie!!!! Next, paint job.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ok, is this looking like a dangerous site?

Mom close your eyes, hahaha

Per ATW, the hardest part is over, ya ok?



I'm Proud To Be An AMERICAN!!


They're not afraid, why should we, stand up!!!

Memorial Day

I like these best!

Memorial Day May 26, 2008

A very proper image for tomorrow. Love you Dad!

Thanks Mom!!!

What do you know, no wind today to help fly the American Flag in Celebration of ALL who in the past & in the present help us here @ home fly the American Flag! Thank you!

A visit from BJP 5-23-08

YAHOO--Thanx J!!!

We went to a park in Scarbough w/MCR's sister-in-law & all the kids on Saturday & I think BJP has a new girlfriend!

HMR & BJP enjoy a swing together!

BJP & new girlfriend, AR, have a little ride together.

CMR & BJP take to the slides!! WEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BJP yells!!

Thru a tunnell.

Almost out!

After a long afternoon of hard playing a great dinner is an awesome end to the day, Saturday.

Here is an outfit that BJP's Gram & Grampy got from their visit in Hawaii!!

Then the red wagon comes out & he wants to steer all by himself.

However, he gives up & takes the back sit to steering & driving!

Then to the slide in my front yard that I got from a friend. Boy his "VERY OWN SLIDE!!" Boy did he take to that.

BJP then looks @ Aunti M & says "now what?"

LUNCH!!!!!! Can't ya tell.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Something from Jamie from today. Kinda funny, his liitle facial expressions!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This was her audition tape & listen to Simon's comments at the end.

So please listen to her full version on this next clip of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

If you haven't heard this 6 year old girl sing, HOLY WOW!!
The Wizard of Oz is my ultimate favorite movie & to hear this, if you have a dry eye after this, you are not human.

She didn't win, but I bet we'll see more of her............she was on "Britian's Got Talent."

I can't get enough of her.
Her website:

My new Venture

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!!!"

Okay, I am not quite the bad & the reformer my instructor/friend is a lot bigger.

Yes, folks this does happen. Just imagine you are there & you are always trying to balance, breathe, pull your nose to your navel and all the others things your instructors tells you to do, something is bound to let go! haha

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 5-11-2008


Behold, what did my eyes see.......The Mother's Day Fairy paid a visit overnite to AACC........and what was delivered?

As we left for Church today, even ATW went, Mom saw a new aray of plants & what-nots on her door-step!!

WOW, you say, yes, we got Mom all tools for her garden! Ayup, she asked & we delivered!

ATW got Nana shingles for her, well, actually, ATW will use these on my house.

ATW also got Nana some grass seed to fix where I plowed all wrong & pulled up what little grass we had in the back lot. THANX ATW!!!

I think I have my work cut out for me. Still raking, never ending it seems this year. I also bought me some hosta's to spread about. I like these, you can mow them ove, step on them & they always come back! EASY, my kinda plant!!!
This story will continue as the clean-up keeps on going just like the ever-ready bunny!

This is what I feel like................

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The "GOOD" Daughter in FL....HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Mother's Day TACS!!!
Happy Mother's Day AC!!!!!!!!!
This is the beautiful arrangement my sis in FL sent our Mom for Mother's Day! Always thoughtful!

More pictures to come tomorrow, well as long as my computer doesn't crash, have yet to get the part I need.
HAPPY MOTHER'S Day to all!

ATW & Dad's Wiley Jeep

ATW & hes best bud, are working on my Dad's old military jeep. ATW wants to get this up & running & keep it going for "Papa." They are now trying to figure out what Dad had for brakes & the "rigging" job Dad did. ATW works @ Napa so this helps too! GOOD LUCK ATW!! You'll get there!!!

"Lumberjack Ann" -- Saturday & still raking!

Okay, a fun-filled Saturday w/my Mom & son.............Lumberjack Ann is her new name & watch out, she got a little carried away & actually laughed while sawing!

Ayup, cutting away two trees that my son & I & BF cut down last week. She asked(well I wanted it too)and we preformed miracles!

Ayup, my kiddo helped too, can't ya see just how hard he is working!