Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sampson's Bi-Annual Hair cut

I love Sampson's curls, however, he needed a good grooming..............but a boy dog...............bows? Okay, I guess it's ok, however, it is better than pink or red bows that another place I have taken him to have put in his ears.
The best hair-cut yet was the time before this hair cut where his Groomer saw his DE JR dog collar & put him in "orange" bows for her FAVORITE driver, ayup, Tony Stewart. (fyi--my BF hates this driver)

So it is Sampson?
Is it Sammy Sousa? (my sis in FL nic-named him once, i think I got Sam during this baseball season in 2002?)
Is it Sammy Davis Jr? (one of my nic-names for him)
Is it VC? (vacuum cleaner)
Is it BB? (bladder boy--you just can't take a walk w/him & not stop every 2 minutes)
Is it "the mutt?" (dad's nic-name & dad would say "great watch dog-he'll lap you to death!)

No wonder my poor ole puppy dog is confused & neurotic, every dog-bed he has, has a different name. The one here says "sam-george." Another is Hank. A poodle called Hank?? Nah nah!
So here's to my 11 yr old Sampson!!

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Alyson & Ford said...

The bows are too much... not a respectable dog....