Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Sebago Lake earlier this week

These pictures were taken Monday 4-14-08 & the ice was slowly, if any, moving.

These are pictures from early Saturday 4-19-08 am.

Ayup, the "PILE" will grow & gorw til we get the old beast working & these piles will go to the pit!!

I can finally see my canoe!! So I guess Summer is on it's way!

Okay all done for Saturday & will start again tomorrow. When the wind comes up every afternoon on the lake, that's when raking stops, cause the wind always blows in the wrong driections of raking! UGH
As you can see ATW is taking advantage of the gloriuos SUN!!! FEELS AWESOME!!


Alyson & Ford said...

Don't get a sunburn!!!


Melissa said...

He did a little, but wanted to lay out more on Sunday & do his school work in the sun.........he even wants the Seado in the water now..........break out the wet suit!