Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little Sebago 4-20-08

This is what I got up to the a.m., NO ICE. Well, at least not on "my" part of the lake....tee hee!

However, I will continue to see patches of ice linger towards our way for a few days as what is left over continues to break up & melt away!

Then there is our "back-yard." This patch of THICK ice just won't melt & I think the pictures that follow speak for themselves!!!!

Yes indeed, I am in shorts & flip-flops & shoveling snow. I think we will have snow in July!

Still a MOUND in the back-yard........UGH, make it go away!!!
Here's to WARM SUMMER WEATHER on it's way to Maine!! The way life should be!


Alyson & Ford said...

Love all the pictures. Thanks for sending me a little bit of "home"!!



Melissa said...

well 55 degrees aint too too bad.............