Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday 4-26 & Sunday 4-27

My TWO FAVORITE MEN were here for a visit!

Ayup, my BF & Great nephew were here. BJP brought along his Dad & sister! What fun!!

They sat together & rocked & rocked!

Sister & Brother each had their time w/their Dad reading & being on the computer!

They eached played very hard & slept AWESOME!!
I woke to the sound & words of B saying "Aunti, Aunti!!" Beautiful sounds!

Good-bye's again, are always harder on the adults, as Aunti M said her good-bye's, sister "H" hugged brother cute & this picture, to my is priceless!

Monday, April 21, 2008

JR the fish

My Christmas gift from my son, JR the fish, now has upgraded to a new home.

No matter what angel I tried to take a picture, the glare from the fish tank gets in the way.

4-21-08 Monday

AH, almost 70 degrees, just 2 degrees shy! We'll et there one of these days!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My 3 Favorite Country Bands came together!

Little Big Town
Jake Owen

Frtom the CMT 2008 Awards


Dag nab it, I have to wait til next weekend to see this smile! Oh how will I ever sleep?

7:30 p.m. 4-20-2008

Yes, this is a big deal....50 degewws @ 7:30 p.m. tonight, Sunday....not sure what Little Sebago go to today, @ one time I saw my therometer sya 60, but it's better than last week at this time, about 30 degrees cooler. I have turned off my heat as of yesterday & there is no going back!

Well, again at 7:30 p.m., this looks as to be the last piece of ice floating around. I'll give you an update tomorrow!!! YIPPEE SKIPPEE!! Time to celebrate & have a BBQ!! Next weekend! All are invited! (well, as long as the great weather is here!)

They're Back!!!! 4-20-08 p.m.

Lookie what also floated by!!!

Okay, I feel better, The Loons are back & this is MOST definalty a sign that Summer is on its way!!!

I wish you could hear thier songs.

Little Sebago 4-20-08

This is what I got up to the a.m., NO ICE. Well, at least not on "my" part of the lake....tee hee!

However, I will continue to see patches of ice linger towards our way for a few days as what is left over continues to break up & melt away!

Then there is our "back-yard." This patch of THICK ice just won't melt & I think the pictures that follow speak for themselves!!!!

Yes indeed, I am in shorts & flip-flops & shoveling snow. I think we will have snow in July!

Still a MOUND in the back-yard........UGH, make it go away!!!
Here's to WARM SUMMER WEATHER on it's way to Maine!! The way life should be!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picture sent to me, Aunti M

Professional Pictures taken on BJP, my great-nephew!
Missing him a ton!!!

Little Sebago Lake earlier this week

These pictures were taken Monday 4-14-08 & the ice was slowly, if any, moving.

These are pictures from early Saturday 4-19-08 am.

Ayup, the "PILE" will grow & gorw til we get the old beast working & these piles will go to the pit!!

I can finally see my canoe!! So I guess Summer is on it's way!

Okay all done for Saturday & will start again tomorrow. When the wind comes up every afternoon on the lake, that's when raking stops, cause the wind always blows in the wrong driections of raking! UGH
As you can see ATW is taking advantage of the gloriuos SUN!!! FEELS AWESOME!!

Mom still has her visitors!!

Jake & Honey have adapted well living away from home while their Folks are away enjoying a trip in CELEBRATION of thier 25 years together!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Hi Honey!!!

Hi Jakie!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Edible Arrangements

Try!! What a way to surprise someone, even far away, with a YUMMY edible fruits!! What a way to bring in a healthy new year!

Love ya AC!

Birthday's & Tax Day

A Happy Belated BIRTHDAY to my "FLORDIAN SISTER", whom had her 50th b-day yesterday!!!!
Another Birthday wish goes out to my "MAINER" sister whom "only" reached her 52nd BIRTHDAY today & is off somewhere celebrating!
Yet another BIRTHDAY wish goes out to my "mis-placed" Mainer wanna be Flordian CUZ, CR, whom is just a mild youngster @ 44!


All my Love, from almost 60 degree weather Maine!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday 4-6-08

Okay, CE is growing on me............
DE JR #88 placed 12th...........get 'em next week!!

Saturday 4-5-08

Dinking out of his own cup was AWESOME!! Whether it was choc. milk, water, juice, B did it all by himself!

He liked taking things apart & putting them back together. Again, whether it was his building blocks or the top to a water bottle, B was an extremly busy boy Saturday!!

What a handsome face!

Saying GOOD-BYE is the hardest task we all had to do!!!

WEEKEND 4-4-08

Wakie Wakie!! Rise-n-Shine!! I am used to getting up by 445 am on work days, but you would think my little great-nephew would allow his Great Aunti M sleep in on a day off, not......but I woke to his smiling face, that's all anyone could ask for!

We went & visited Gram & Grampy & read w/Gram...........................

.............................and played on Grampy's lawn mower!

Nana & B danced to his favorite CD..............

And yet another kind of ride!

B helped Grampy show off his new measuring stick.

B ended his day w/his bath-time & once again water knows no limits & water can fly!!

Sunday morning started off w/his computer time & watching himself on a video that Gram took while he was riding w/Grampy the day before. B even figured out how to stop & start the video!!

The time went by too too fast & am always looking forward to more times spent w/B!!! He is now oficially 18 months old!!!