Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday--3-15-08--A Fun Filled Day @ Jokers

Myself, HMR & CMR went to Jokers & played while MCR worked, however, he did manage to get out early & came over & joined the fun festivities!

Ayup, that's my guy!

CMR got lost in the HUGE maze that is there, indoors. The kids normally play tag & hide-n-seek within this maze. That can go on for hours. There is also a menu to order from & there is another room where parents can sit & relax, while all the kids are under somewhat of supervision!

That is Dad & Daughter w/HMR's winnings! You earn point & tickets to turn/trade in when you are all done & you can pick put prizes on the amount of winnings. AS you can see HMR wanted funny teeth! SMILE!!!

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