Thursday, February 07, 2008

More snow & enough is enough!!!!

Ok, 8" is what we got today & this lovely WEATHER-PERSON, calls for another 8-10" during another storm for Saturday nite. Oh YIPPEE!

I was just pulling your leg, almost hides my kitchen window!! You really thought I wanted all this snow, well for the Holidays, but ENOUGH!!

CHEVY, my Dad's only #1 choice, made TOUGH!!

His plate # that he had from day one, when he started owning CHEVY TRUCKS. Even so, any other vehicle always had that particular number, however a letter would follow, so kinda cool!!!

THE BEAST!! As I had said in a much earlier post, this was my son's "play-pen!" Both born in 1987 & my Dad's favorite's...well maybe not 100% favorite. He always said that 1987 Chevolet Silerado was the last real built tough truck. However, the 2004 Chevy that sits next door, was his "FAVORITE" w/all the bells & whisltes on it!

VVvvRRoooommmmmmmmmmmmm.............I now know why Dad wouldn't let me drive this beast, it's way too much fun smashing into snow piles & not to worrying about breaking or denting this lovely old BEAST!!! Thanks Dad!!


Alyson & Ford said...

The old truck looks good! A familiar sight. Sorry for all the snow, we are having BEAUTIFUL weather. I bet you are getting lots of practice driving that thing!!

Love you!!
(hey, stop the mushy stuff!!!)
We love you!!


Melissa said...

Well you can't see on the passenger side the white mark that both Dad & Andrew put into the truck while trying to get it into the garage. I have only hit the snowblower & the work counter inside the gargae while putting down the plow...........oh well. Practice makes perfect, however, if there is "stuff" in my way, watch out. All I care is that Mom likes it!!
Love you too!!

Alyson & Ford said...

I spoke to Mom and she said you do a GREAT job plowing! Bravo!
Heard you will be having more snow tonight. Have fun plowing.
I am shoveling out our garage this morning, a yearly ritual after Christmas - I save too many boxes and junk that I think I will use..... off to the dump!


Melissa said...

Dump.......really?? Not fir us today. It's now 215pm & I plwed this am, had a touch of sunshine & back to snow!!! Oh well..........