Sunday, February 10, 2008

Didn't anyone hear me, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Okay, 3 storms since Thursday & more to come Tues, Wed & Thurs?? UGH!
I think "The Beast" has seen more plowing this year than ever. We even hit 40 degrees outside, but NO, that didn't matter. Mr. Winter Wonderland just had to throw some more white fluffy stuff at us. Thursday's storm was a mixture, so was it this am & plowing was slow going. However, the latest snow was all fluffy & I actually plowed in record time! Unlike the shoveling......UGH!!!

My brave son goes on top of the roof & shovels off the heavy stuff & then instead of using the ladder to get down, he JUMPS off the roof into the snow pile. Low-n-behold, stuck-a-roo!! Good luck w/the snowrake!

The only way out is to tuck & roll outta the STUFF!!

"THE PILE" at the end of our road & next to my garage has GROWN!!!

Even my POOR OLE AMERICAN FLAG has had enough! Enough that this stuff laid heavily on the pole & snapped it right off the side of my garage!! UGH! More repairs for the Spring, along w/Mom's lilac tree in-between her house & mine! SORRY Mom, ATW hit it first!


Alyson & Ford said...

Wow! Tons of snow. I love the picture with Mom and Andrew grasping the rake with BARE hands! How tough are you? Maine Winter Tough!!!

I should be scolding you all to dress warmer, you're going to catch a cold!


Alyson & Ford said...

I stole one of your pictures - check out!!