Monday, February 18, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS to HMR!!! 1st place!

Cheering Competition is a whole "nother" world! Just just the frilly hair-do's, make-up & cute outfits, but WOW!! 47 teams competed @ SHS this past Saturday, and HMR's team place FIRST!!! She is the next to last on the left-hand-side in the picture below.

All in formations & ready to rock-n-roll!

Waiting the results is the hardest, especailly when you preform last, but it PAID off! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Alyson & Ford said...

WOW!! First place out of 47 teams! Tremendous!! I can't imagine winning something like that - too cool!
Congratulations to the very talented HR!!


Melissa said...

Ian't that AWESOME!! HMR has been doing a great job and smiling too! It's hard to remember all the moves & smile.........