Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Wonderful Christmas & A Wonderful Life!

Yes oh yes, what a grand Christmas our Family had here in Cold Snowy Maine!
Yes my favorite gift was the picture of my Dad from my sis & her hubby, my son tho, topped it, just a little, here it is......not that I can get a good picture.

My son's GF wanted to know if I have named "him" or "her?" Just how do you tell? Doesn't that help pick out a name? I thought about initials like my sis in FL & her critters are MM,(maine/missouri) GC,(gray cat) OJ,(looks like the color of OJ) oh yes SD.....(well that's my nic-name for Salty Dog). Even my Mom has had KC, (kitty-cat). So I am poundering what to call him? fish? LZ.....for lazy? BBF....big blue fish?
This GF asked if this "fish" shows any sign of a personality? A fish w/a personality?? Ok, I guess?? Well her's is a fisty fish & she named hers "Oscar." A name does tell you a lot......HELP!!


Alyson & Ford said...

OJ, our yellow cat, was named for our Great Uncle Orman J. Pride and the fact that "OJ" was Orange Juice too. Yellow, orange cat. My fun with endearing names for our pets!!


Anonymous said...

Ok I knew that fact....yellow/oragne same to me as I am color blind w/certain any help w/a name for my blue beta fish???

Melissa said...

Hey it stated anonymous............I am logged in what happened?

Melissa said...

Ok, Son's GF & I made a name & even tho "he" or "she" isn't red or black, (and yes, DE Jr has changed colors) I have named him/her...........DRUM ROLL pl.......JR!!!