Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok it was my dreaded day of 6 months & waiting, going to "THE DENTIST!" Ayup, I am going again, ( i started back up last July, and then too, no cavities) despite all my nerves & anxiety. I hadn't been in 15 yrs +...ayup.....that's my (well not #1, but close) #1 fear, but dang close.

As my sister's remember, I think we had a medieval dentist that thrived on pain, he was quick, but never an overcaine......nope.....I remember Dad telling me that our dentist was good & quick w/pain..........UGH! Mom also found out some other interesting information on this dentist later in life, dough UGH!!

This dentist I found thru my BF, whom he goes to too, is real nice, calm, understands & tells me what he & his assistants' are doing. It feels good to go, however the nite before I am a wreck!
first veneerss
So there I am, leaving, all over & I am still breathing, this dentist even takes your BP before they start, 112/62, real low he states! Yea, if he only knew!

So I left & called my Mom & she said she was proud of me, and of course, laughed @ me for being "silly." Once again NO CAVITIES!!!! And I even made me next appt 6 months out.........oh the months to come of sleepless nites!

My next drive was to see my BF @ work & give him the news. He wasn't happy w/me cause he STILL can't believe that I hadn't gone in 15 yrs + & he didn't go for 2 yrs & he had 4 cavities.

Once again, I am thankful, Thanks Dad!!!


Alyson & Ford said...

I will not even speak our old Dentist's name. The only thing good that I remember from him is that he told Mom I had the most "crooked" teeth in the family, so I got the braces!
I have a wonderful dentist now, I can mention his name - Dr. Curt Standish.

Good for you no cavities (we have our Dad's teeth - rock hard!).


Melissa said...

I'll say his nasty name, why not, already & still have horrible nightmares & horribles day due to him....Dr Alvin Littlefield, and he has passed.............
Mine too now is AWESOME, Dr Paul Cloutier, in Westbrook. Matt intoduced me to him. Glad I go, but still have a restless day & nite before-hand!