Saturday, January 05, 2008

Here's to FAMILY!!!

Here's to the One person in my life that I am extremely proud to call myself one of "HIS" daughters.
My Dad!
The man in the middle (and actually the orginal "SAINT", sorry AC & MCR) of 4 women in one house-hold. I even think alot of the critters we had were female too.....go figure!
Without Dad, where would I be. Most definalty not here. I learned a lot from him & odd enough, I still am. Even tho is isn't walking around w/me, yelling at me, laughing w/me, telling me stories w/me, his presence is here w/me.
Some folk say this is morbid, but honestly, where would anyone be w/out the ones before them.
Today was his day, his birth back in 1931 and would have been 77 today.
I also want to Thank my Mom for being there for him and vise-versa. She was & is the rock that he needed and always got & gave in return too.
I look outside my door & see a GRAND beauty that he allowed & allows be to be apart of, life!
I hope you all can do the same!
Thanks Dad!
Love, Peanut


Alyson & Ford said...

Thanks for posting about Dad. Have been thinking of him all day.
Lots of beauty at the "lake"; always loved the "camp".


Melissa said...

Camp to me is & will always be "CAMP" to me.....even living in E-E & Papa's place.
Love ya