Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Few More Pictures from Christmas 2007

BJP enjoying one of his new books. He does love books!!

Aunti M, me, trying to learn how to play his NEW guitar! Let's tell Uncle Ford in FL, so we can jam together!!!

Aunti M & BJP enjoying a story together!!

Now he is really practicing & all decked out & ready to jam!!! Watch out Great Uncle BFM!! Yet again, I strike, another picture stolen, this one I took from BJP's Mom's site! tee hee, I just can't resist just one of the little "biggin!"


Anonymous said...

wow- I love that picture of this lovely lake - the main picture on your page! Where is that? I'd love to know. I love your "Anyway" attitude- that really speaks to me. Visit me at

Melissa said...

Yes, that is out my front door in Maine, Little Sebago Lake.
Thanx for the comment!