Monday, January 28, 2008

Alrighty then, so here I am waiting for THE PATRIOTS GAME!!!

What a better way to spend an off weekend w/no football than getting time in w/my great Nephew!
I didn't have my camera when my BF & I & B went to TGIF's Friday nite for dinner. BOY what an awesome almost 16 month old BIGGIN!! He ate all his mac-n-cheese, carrots, green beans, some of my chix meal, and his applesauce & then a little dessert! We had a booth next to us w/2 girls about 8-12 age range & their Mom just adored him! They even gave B one of their balloons! What a treat!
From the ride to the resturant, all SMILES, ALL weekend long!
To waking up & having breakfast w/Seseame Street.

To a jaunt outside up to the mailbox & then home.

To testing out the snow to make sure it was safe to venture on.

What a curious B he is, he thought he was getting dirty & couldn't wipe this "STUFF" of!!

Hanging out w/Nana after our cold trip!!

No more bathing in Aunti M's sink! Boy did he let loose!

Just rocking back-n-forth hanging out before going bed.

Playing w/the critters, Tequie & Sampson the dog...........

Playing all weekend is such hard & rewarding work, that's why poor old Aunti M is off to her own private Z-land! Nite Nite!!!

Hugs & Kisses from us to you!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's to XLII Super Bowl 2008!!!

GGGgggrrrrr.............Here we come!!! Strong New Englanders!!!!

Not even wind, rain, snow, cold or even hot weather will stop us!!!

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!! Okay wrong sport! Gentleman, Start Your Engines!! Ok, goofed again, but that SPORT, NASCAR, is coming soon to you!!!


Okay boys, this one is for YOU!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

PATRIOTS -vs-NY Giants

Ok, someone help me out, my BF is CRAZY right now!! "HIS" Giants are going ot the Superbowl......
The New Englad Patriots -- vs -- The New York Giants!!!!
Help, Help, Help me.............
My Favorite againt his favorite!!!!

YES, The PATRIOTS did it again!!

So will they play NY Giants or Green Bay? I hoep for my BF it's the Giants & I think that'll be the better of the two games. However, I think GB would be easier for NE!!
I welcome your opinion!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok it was my dreaded day of 6 months & waiting, going to "THE DENTIST!" Ayup, I am going again, ( i started back up last July, and then too, no cavities) despite all my nerves & anxiety. I hadn't been in 15 yrs +...ayup.....that's my (well not #1, but close) #1 fear, but dang close.

As my sister's remember, I think we had a medieval dentist that thrived on pain, he was quick, but never an overcaine......nope.....I remember Dad telling me that our dentist was good & quick w/pain..........UGH! Mom also found out some other interesting information on this dentist later in life, dough UGH!!

This dentist I found thru my BF, whom he goes to too, is real nice, calm, understands & tells me what he & his assistants' are doing. It feels good to go, however the nite before I am a wreck!
first veneerss
So there I am, leaving, all over & I am still breathing, this dentist even takes your BP before they start, 112/62, real low he states! Yea, if he only knew!

So I left & called my Mom & she said she was proud of me, and of course, laughed @ me for being "silly." Once again NO CAVITIES!!!! And I even made me next appt 6 months out.........oh the months to come of sleepless nites!

My next drive was to see my BF @ work & give him the news. He wasn't happy w/me cause he STILL can't believe that I hadn't gone in 15 yrs + & he didn't go for 2 yrs & he had 4 cavities.

Once again, I am thankful, Thanks Dad!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Dance -- Garth Brooks

We are coming up on the 7th year anniv. of the death of Dale Ernhardt Sr. All these allow me to smile, beacause I can look back & smile knowing I watched NASCAR w/my Dad & DE SR was his Favorite too.

One More Day -- Diamond Rio

As The DAYTONA NASCAR race approaches us, this sport is still sadden w/Dale Ernhardt SR's passing. God Bless.

I am getting ants in my pants, can ya tell??

NASCAR up & coming, count down less than 30 days!!!!!

A GRAND visit w/The Words

Today my son & I ventured over to Woolwich, ME, to visit his Grandparents. Great folk that we don't get a chance to spend a lot of time with. BW made a home-made chicken pot pie, w/home-made biscuits on top, along w/home-made pecan pie! YUMMY, fresh & warm right from her oven!
Loads of chat-up talk & great talks & more family stories came out!

We also visited w/their 2 dogs, Annie & Millie.

And then Spunky came out from hiding!

So here's to Family, no matter just how often we see each other or just how many miles between us! Love them ALL!!

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots - 2007 19

NFL Game Center: Game Recap - Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots - 2007 19: "Official site links ...
The Jaguars proved they were big game ready but not quite ready to knock off the No. 1 seed Patriots. New England moved on to the AFC Championship game with a 31-20 win. More ...

Jacksonville's season came to an end Saturday night as the Jaguars came up short against a nearly perfect Patriots team playing in front of its home crowd"

YAHOO! They did it as I slept off a headache! BF too CELEBRATED, even tho he is a DIE-HARD NY Giants fan! And I mean BIG-TIME!!!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Or This Song?

Tap your feet!!
Another fav of go GUY!!

Dance Your Winter Blues Away!

Nothing is better than the older music out there. Always a great beat to dance to. Join me..............

Monday, January 07, 2008

NE Patriots vs JAX Jaguars


What's a gal to TWO FAVORITE Football teams go head to head this Saturday. Also, my sister & brother-in-law are there in Jax'ville. Oh my, decisions, decisions!
Well I am going w/my head, not my heart....................

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas)

Ayup, it's the Holiday Season & I stole AGAIN from sis & brother-in-law. Too cute NOT to share! I've got to be my own cleaver-self & post before them cute things!

Okay so I am NOT perfect,(is there every a perfect criminal or crime???) pls copy this link & post it to your browser & then listen!

Here's to FAMILY!!!

Here's to the One person in my life that I am extremely proud to call myself one of "HIS" daughters.
My Dad!
The man in the middle (and actually the orginal "SAINT", sorry AC & MCR) of 4 women in one house-hold. I even think alot of the critters we had were female too.....go figure!
Without Dad, where would I be. Most definalty not here. I learned a lot from him & odd enough, I still am. Even tho is isn't walking around w/me, yelling at me, laughing w/me, telling me stories w/me, his presence is here w/me.
Some folk say this is morbid, but honestly, where would anyone be w/out the ones before them.
Today was his day, his birth back in 1931 and would have been 77 today.
I also want to Thank my Mom for being there for him and vise-versa. She was & is the rock that he needed and always got & gave in return too.
I look outside my door & see a GRAND beauty that he allowed & allows be to be apart of, life!
I hope you all can do the same!
Thanks Dad!
Love, Peanut

I had a visit!!!!!

What a visit it was!!!

We played & played!!!

Then it was bath time.
Off to bed w/a book w/Mommy & Daddy!

Then to la-la land w/loads of ZZZzzzzz's!!!

I had a VISIT from Cuz CMR whom left me for warmer weather!!!!!

Here's to my "scuzzy cuzzy!' Love ya!

CR bundled up w/some new scarves made my my Aunt in Maine! Bbrrr while she was here & it's still 20 degress right now, BUT WAIT.......just like good ole Maine weather, it's suppose to get into the 50's next week. I am soooo confused!

Just hanging!! Ok it's been decided, the long bangs off to the side MUST go!!!

Hey, Mom cheated! AC ask CR what the "other" picture was all about......CR being silly, that's what!!