Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sampson & my new friend, Gretel

I am famous, like my sister in FL to adopt or help w/other folks w/their pets. I have gotten accustom of taking care of one of the Dr's I work with, his 2 golden retreivers, Morgan & son, Eli. Well, another person I work with has approached me & asked if I could dog-sit her almost 2 yr old golden, Gretel. YES I said, oh what fun my son & I will have. So she & her husband came over last weekend so Sampson & Gretel could meet, and a GREAT meeting it was. I kid-you-not, I think my Sam has more girlfriends than any one man could imagine!!
I picked up Gretel last Friday as her parents flew to Disney for a HUGE family Christmas vacation. Much to my surprise, there both dogs were..............

Shall I say comfortable!!! Where do I fit in here in my own over-sized-king-size bed???? Well, I also had my boyfriend's kids, he got called into work for an early Saturday all day shift....so CMR took this picture early am. You can clearly see that Gretel made her self quite comfy!!

As you can see in the right hand corner, Samspon did fit too, looking for a little affection, which Gretel took over!! ha ha
Gretel will be missed as her parents will pick her up tomorrow nite!


Alyson & Ford said...

Oh my gosh.... quite cozy living! At least they can keep you warm!!
Happy times!


Melissa said...

ayup!! Gretel was just picked up & I think Sam is already having withdrawals!