Sunday, December 02, 2007

Overcast Dec 2, 2007, However I woke up to the first real signs of Winter in Maine

It's a blah day out there, 18 degrees, cloudy & the threat of our 1st snow storm. When I took my dog out for his morining ritual, lookie what I saw......

Just along the edges around my home & my Mom's next door. It sure is cold enough, who knows maybe it'll be here early & we can skate!!

The weatherman, or should I correct myself, weatherperson, now states the snow storm has gone to "plowable" to at least 6-8 inches of snow fall by tomorrow nite. Living in Gray, I have found out that we are in this tiny bubble. All surrounding towns/cities get just what the weatherperson states, but no, not in Gray, Maine, we usually end up double the action!!! Not bad tho, unlike the cities, it always stays white.....not like the cities, once again, we don't have the traffic to make dirty snow, YUCK!!! I would like to thank the town of Gray, I can tell you that no matter what time, day, or anything, I am able to get out & get to work, ALWAYS!! It's when I get into Portland that all "you-know-what" breaks loose!!!

I have also heard that the colder the winter the better Spring & Summer we "MAINIACS" have. So I say bring it on!! I can't fight it, so I'll join & make snow angels & drink plenty of hot chocalote! Come join, just BYOS!!!! (bring your own skates haha)

***And if you do look close enough you'll see that I still have my DE JR flag still waving in the wind. I know I must get his new #88 logo...........hint hint for gifts...tee hee


Alyson & Ford said...

78 today. Of course, our winter comes later. However, it does leave sooner :)

Nice pics.


Melissa said...

Oh of course 70 or 80 degrees. We are now in the middle, maybe 1/4 way thru our 1st major winter storm, 1-2 feet of snow "they" predict! I will take pics tonight when I get home! IF I make it ya

Alyson & Ford said...

So how much snow do you have? Enjoy it!!


Melissa said...

I like it now cause I can now melt the snow w/this unruling heat I give out since my surgery! Feels good on my bare feet! AYUP, haven't put on any socks yet..................ayup I am the stupid youngest sister.....but feels great!