Thursday, December 13, 2007

My theme Let It Snow!

So here I am again, sitting & watching.....the white fluffy annoying stuff, ayup, already annoying!! We are under a snow storm. "They" state only 2-4", however, since 3 pm, we ALREADY have that much STUFF!!!

Maine, again, on Sunday, AGAIN, will be under a NOR'EASTER!! I have no idea just how much of the stuff we'll get, but I have geared up the plow & even driven for the first time, Thanks Dad, the other nite. My Mom has "rules" when & when not to drive this old beater! A 1987 Chevy Silverado. What a truck. Don't make 'em like that anymore, Dad would say. He always kept this particular truck due to it's stability & ruggedness.(a real word?)

Anyway, I'll get you some pictures, but picture this:
My wonderful, smart son, was born in 1987, so this truck was brand spanking new @ that time. So the summer of 1988 & 1989, and maybe even more, was my son's "play-pen." Boy did he love climbing around in the bed of that truck. Also, his Nana & I could keep a "watchful" eye out on this energetic child!

So to go backwards in my story, Dad would never let me touch any of his things and get them dirty when I was just a "wee" one.

So these years in particular, I can remember one summer day putting ATW in back there as Nana & I puttered around. We went to check on him & to our surprise he wasn't in the truck bed. We panicked......he had somehow figured out how to open that back sliding window and there he was sitting in the base of the truck, covered in his peanut & butter sandwich from head to toe............and so was the inside of the truck. Before Nana & I could get him, wash him & wash Dad's not so new truck.....there Dad was, laughing & laughing, stating "oh that's ok." Nana & I flipped that Dad was so reserve & didn't mind this little creature climbing around!

Now, go back to me as a "wee" one & all "you-know-what" would have broken loose!

To this day, ATW can't really do any wrong in Nana's eyes(well mine either, but now he is 20 & learning all for himself to keep himself clean! hahaha)and my Dad still looks over him & laughs!

Oh the stories I could chat about w/my Dad & son.......even another new truck that my Dad taught my son just how to drive in the snow in a empty parking lot, ayup,an EMPTY one, he knows how to pull a "brody." spelling??? Whatever..................Let It Snow so my son can teach me this trick w/this truck!!! hahaha


Alyson & Ford said...

Hey, kiddo,
How's the weather this Sunday morning? Haven't heard from Mom. All is well?

Love that you changed your header, no longer the HUGE picture. There are ways to add pictures, I see so many bogs changing their header frequently.

Anyone going to be home today - I'll give ya a call. I have a question about a gift I still need to buy....

LID 01/27/06

Melissa said...

AH, don't remember doing that......oh well, I liked the pic of the lake....
Pictures to come of this lovely storm!