Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Holiday Spirit!

From childhood times w/my sisters & making some wooden ornaments to my Grandmother "E-E" and all of her home-made small stockings. I was lucky, she made my my High School colors, "Be Loyal To The Purple Be Loyal To The White..."

Also many hand-made ornaments from Sis in FL. There is a multi colored stocking that she made & she even dated the attached card, "1999." To her bells & potpourri ornament. Thanks AC!!

I am all done decorating my Tree & even Sampson admired the tree from his stand point!
I think I had said in an earlier post that I have the "MISFIT" tree. I love it that way. I have all clear mini lites, tons of hand made ornaments from over the many family years. I guess I just take & take & take!

There are two other figures that I love & adore that my grandmother, E-E, once again made with love & gave to me as gifts. One is a hand-made doll all dressed up & the other is Santa! I miss her & all the things she & her sisters did & our long talks we had. Now I live in these granparents home E-E & Papa, and this is the best & most special gift of all!

My tree stands and is surrounded by many gifts from folk that have passed before me, so even tho my tree is "different," this is the best of the best......
These two stockings were given to all of us from Dad, just when he passed, it was he who wanted to keep our little tradition going that his folks, E-E & Papa had started oh so many years.......Thank you for all, Dad, as always, you always thought of others even in your time of need. Here's to you & my tree that is a tradition of ornaments from your family!

My tree is for all of my family, and thanks to them, I have MY tradition that will continue w/our family memories!

Merry Christmas ALL!!


Alyson & Ford said...

Sampson looks proud of the tree.
Thanks for all the pictures of Dad.

I used be crafty.... where has the time gone???

Merry Christmas!!

Melissa said...

Oh sure Sampson is proud, he didn't have to lift a paw.....nah I just said come sit & I'll take your pic & there he was!
Yes you are STILL crafty, give yourself credit!
Love ya

Alyson & Ford said...

You are a smart cookie! Your profile picture is now showing up with your bloggy comments!!


Melissa said...

"BLOGGY" is that really a smart, yea right, ask Mom! hahahaha love ya

Alyson & Ford said...

Check out more on your "88".
Where are you?? No news? Plowing lots of snow?