Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007, razzed up, quiet & blessed all @ once!!

Waking up early isn't always my cup of tea because I am @ work by 6:30 am 5 days a week, so sleeping in, is what I wanted for Christmas. However, our latest Family Tradition is leaving home by 7 am & driving a little over an hour and a half to be w/my eldest sister & her family & have Christmas breakfast so she can be to work before 3 pm. Yes FUN!!! We walked into their home & there was their tree all decorated up & presents & we added more. Not only from us but from my middle sister & her husband from the South!! More FUN!!!!!!
My son helped Nana last nite putting together this red firetruck & he helped his almost 15 month old cuz, and boy did he take off. And Grampy wants to borrow this red truck when he goes to a fire call!!!

The kids got funny red blinking noses, well CGS wouldn't put his on so ATW did instead! What a HOOT!

From GMS cooking our breakfast pizza, to Gram feeding BJP the pizza & a breakfast casserole,(a recipe from Aunti in FL)

To JASP reading to BJP, to BJP building w/his new blocks.
To Mom trying to figure out a scratch ticket given to us by her Grandson CGS.
Mom's was a Crossword puzzle that between opening presents and scratching in between, kept her out of trouble and quiet and then to find out after 3 hours of this process, was a DUD! Both CGS & ATW got a little cast $4 and $1 respectively.

The End was great too, BJP got a colorful new winter jacket from Grampy & Gram that you could find this kiddo anyway in a blizzard & new boots, he was ready for outdoors! Uncle CGS took on that honor! Just an awesome day!


Alyson & Ford said...

Love the pictures and stories of the Christmas day. Everyone looks great and having a loving family-time! Thanks!!
Where was Ginny S. (and the Saint??).
Merry Christmas!


Melissa said...

Ginny was w/other friends. She always does Christmas on the 24th. The Saint was w/his family. First year w/out their Grandmother.