Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, cold & windy Maine

Well, trying to get back into the swing of things after surgery one month ago & and going, finally, back to work, whew, I am tired. So weekends made for relaxing, well oh no what was I thinking. I got a lovely call from my Mom, from next door, mind you, she's my neighbor & my land-lord, land-lady, land person? Anyways, not only did she call me @ 8:45 am, and yes, my trusted dog, Sampson, here w/his "sister" Tequie the cat, who woke me up promptly @ 6 am for "his morning thing", did my Mom requested that I might like to go w/her to a Church Christmas fair, go to Home Depot, Lowe's, Shaw's but please be next door by 9:30 am. For any of you who know me, it's not that I can't get ready quickly, it's all the other do-dads I do that distract me. But I did it & WOW, Mom wasn't ready, now there's a change! We got back about 3 pm & again WHEW, did I need a rest. But nope once again fooled. My "Boston" neighbors were up to close up their summer home & we said our summer good byes!!!!
So now 415 pm & again, WHEW, I laid down. No more did I shut my eyes in walks my son & 2 friends, and here I am again up & getting the they leave for their "stuff" to do, you know the stuff 19 & 20 yr old boys do, and once again, WHEW, off to my over-sized king sized bed w/8 comfortable pillows, only to have Mom come over w/more goodies for the boys who now are gone!!!!
So now it's 6 pm & I saw oh what the heck I'll try again & this now brings me to now @ 8:50 pm & now sleep, HA, I've just killed any good nite sleep anyone could hope for!!
So that's my first Saturday back to real life!
Just when I thought I would have a quiet weekend, BF went of hunting, NOPE. Can only hope for tomorrow, Sunday!!!

Now isn't tomorrow Sunday...............HHHhhmmm......filled w/Football & NASCAR! No rest for the famished!


Alyson & Ford said...

Quit your whining! You need to just get in bed and finish recovering.

Hope Sunday was a restful day watching Jr. crash and burn (again)!!

Take care of yourself (and Mom too).

Melissa said...

I am trying..........really I am!