Friday, November 16, 2007

Grateful & Not taking anything for Granted

My sister, over a year ago, encouraged me to start a blog. I had broken my foot & supposedly had lots of downtime to sit & write. Well, living on a lake & having that luxury right in front of me got the best of me. I would sit for hours on end doing absolutely nothing. For ten weeks I had my butt carried around, oh yea, broke my right foot so I couldn't drive, to & from work, etc.
My BF, the "SAINT" he is, this same sister, AC, gave him this name, due to all the issues that were all around me.
At this same time, my Dad, had kidney surgery & that's where my time went, spending this precious time w/him, not fully understanding the actual outcome just a few five months later.
This is why I am extremely grateful for family, most of all, friends, acquaintances who come into our lives at the "right" moment, and yes, even my co-workers.
Where I am today is ALL due to my Family.
Being the youngest of three girls, being "the spoiled brat", the "baby-sister", you name it I got the title, and the most famous one I love the most & will never hear it again is/was "Peanut." This is why I a grateful, most of all, my folks.
Now some will say I made all the wrong choices, but again, this is what makes me, me. A stronger, healthy, compassionate, understanding person. My folks, no matter what, thru it ALL, were right beside me, even between the "she said, he said, they said" They were there for me. Yes, I take heat, and I mean heat, but because of them, I have my surrounds to be grateful for & I will not take advantage of that.
I am me and my folks will forever be a part of me.
Thank you for them!


Alyson & Ford said...

Wonderful beginning to your new bloggy days. Keep up the news from home. Love ya!

LID 01/27/06

Melissa said...

Ok older wiser sister!