Friday, November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel dies at the age of 69, today 11-30-07

'No One Had More Guts' See Daredevil's Biggest Feats
Boy do I remember Evil Knievel, watching him w/my Dad in the good ole days! What a daring man & to live his life to the fullest & do what he liked to do!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hoping EVERYONE has the best Holiday Season!! May your lives be filled with loads of love and also life in your love!!

Holidays in Maine can be GRAND & BEAUTIFUL! With just enough snow to cap the trees around me, well not yet, puts us all in the spirit!

My Tree is the one w/all the family done ornaments. I have ones that my sister's & I painted. I have ones that my Grandmother has made, since I am living in my Grandparents house, but these are ones she made for me that I collected over the years. I will take pictures when I do get my tree. Hopefully this weekend, however my car comes first. I have no heat & w/colder weather upon us, big time BBBbbbrrr if it's not repaired!

Monday, November 26, 2007

2007 Thanksgiving!!!

Pictures w/the family from Thanksgiving!! All thru the craziness, not just during the Holidays, but throughout the year, even tho we run around w/our lost minds trying to make every event memorable, no matter what happens, our times together are the best.
Missing our loved ones who have gone before.
Missing our loved ones who couldn't be with us or we couldn't be with them.
Missing our new "addition" to the Family but HOPING she'll arrive SOON!
Here's to many many more Family times, even apart!
God Bless!
From my Maine nephew's b-day we celebrated on Thanksgiving, to the youngest in the family to the oldest, times are awesome at our home, won't you join?
You will enjoy the most comforts and eat til you are full & them some!

Only 1 more show!!

Who will be crowned tomorrow w/Dancing With The Stars??? Any guesses??
Okay, Round #1 for Marie, not so good, but still all that energy & smiles!! Let's see wait Round #2 brings! BRING IT ON, Marie!!

A Famous Haircut!!

Well overdue, but Thanksgiving 2007 very crazy, you know the storm before the calm! I went to my sister's on Wednesday to take my Niece to get her hair cut! She looks FABULOUS!!!
Here is a before picture, all combed put & ready to go!

Oh yea, I got to play w/my great nephew while this hair-cut was happening! YAHOO!!

And now...............oh yea, loads of hair fell.....almost there.....
TA DA!!!!
She was so excited, and still is!!
My beautiful Maine niece!! And right in time for the Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Was I right?? I can't even believe it!!

Yes, She did it & Thanks to her many fans!! Marie Osmond is still in the race for the TROPHY!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I hope you all have an EXCELLENT GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
I hope you all are grateful for what you have & is in your life, remember all the ones who could not be with you this year & remember the loved ones who have gone before us!
God Bless.

Dancing With The Stars - Bios -

Dancing With The Stars - Bios -

So instead of getting ready for Thanksgiving, Come Dance With Me!

Tuesday, waiting patient????

Okay the count down begins. Who will be voted off "Dancing With The Stars?" My predection is Jenny Garth. All tho I did grow up w/90210 & she has done a lot of movies, I think she'll be the one to go. However, Marie Osmond, my #1 favorite could go but I really think the showbiz family is behind her..........let the shoking news unravel!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Marie Osmond Pictures & Photos

Marie Osmond Pictures & Photos


So here I sit wait for "Dancing With The Stars." How I grew up w/Donny & Marie. Said to hear of thier Dad's passing. This is about the only reality show I watch....well "The Biggest Loser" too.
Well Marie just danced the Quick Step & rec'vd a 29 out of 30!!! She was INCREDIBLE!

Sunday, November 18, 2007



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, cold & windy Maine

Well, trying to get back into the swing of things after surgery one month ago & and going, finally, back to work, whew, I am tired. So weekends made for relaxing, well oh no what was I thinking. I got a lovely call from my Mom, from next door, mind you, she's my neighbor & my land-lord, land-lady, land person? Anyways, not only did she call me @ 8:45 am, and yes, my trusted dog, Sampson, here w/his "sister" Tequie the cat, who woke me up promptly @ 6 am for "his morning thing", did my Mom requested that I might like to go w/her to a Church Christmas fair, go to Home Depot, Lowe's, Shaw's but please be next door by 9:30 am. For any of you who know me, it's not that I can't get ready quickly, it's all the other do-dads I do that distract me. But I did it & WOW, Mom wasn't ready, now there's a change! We got back about 3 pm & again WHEW, did I need a rest. But nope once again fooled. My "Boston" neighbors were up to close up their summer home & we said our summer good byes!!!!
So now 415 pm & again, WHEW, I laid down. No more did I shut my eyes in walks my son & 2 friends, and here I am again up & getting the they leave for their "stuff" to do, you know the stuff 19 & 20 yr old boys do, and once again, WHEW, off to my over-sized king sized bed w/8 comfortable pillows, only to have Mom come over w/more goodies for the boys who now are gone!!!!
So now it's 6 pm & I saw oh what the heck I'll try again & this now brings me to now @ 8:50 pm & now sleep, HA, I've just killed any good nite sleep anyone could hope for!!
So that's my first Saturday back to real life!
Just when I thought I would have a quiet weekend, BF went of hunting, NOPE. Can only hope for tomorrow, Sunday!!!

Now isn't tomorrow Sunday...............HHHhhmmm......filled w/Football & NASCAR! No rest for the famished!

Friday, November 16, 2007


ATW, another comment, what can I say.......I am very proud of him and who is today & what he is growing into being. It's tough trying to raise a boy into a man, but again, w/my family, it has been easy & challenging all rolled into one, but what a BLESSING!!!

Home Sweet Home

What can I say.............................I love my surroundings!

What else can I say............The "Saint"

Words also can't describe about my BF. He has been thru it all w/me. From family issues, chatting & helping each other out w/our children & growing pains, w/people from our past to our present lives, to his family discussions and his own personal growing pains & work related issues to what lies ahead for us, and most of all, my most recent, well the last 5 years, my medical issues, which w/this last surgery from 10-18-17, I should be out of the woods.
My Sister, AC, has also many pleasant words to describe him but the one that says & stats it all is that he is my "SAINT." I wish there were other words I can & could tell him my deepest feelings for him, I Love you to him is the words that say it ALL!!!! "DITTO"
Thanks MCR!!


This is a post from my Sister's blog back from Father's Day.
Grateful is only a part of many words I feel & would love to say to My Dad & can't. Take every oppurnity to say to anyone how you feel. Express yourself to the best of your ability & have no regrets, as my Dad said to me. Walk tall, make a good name for yourself & don't worry what's other's think or say, if you know right from wrong, just do what you feel is right, just do it ANYWAY.

My sister, MLC, (she's the middle one in this picture) sang this SONG at church for Father's Day three Sunday's ago (June 17th). We lost our father last December 21st.
I wish I could have been there....... She told the congregation that this is how Dad told her to live her life, make her own name, a good name and do what she thinks is right..... anyway.

You can spend your whole life buildin' - Somethin' from nothin' - One storm can come and blow it all away - Build it anyway

You can chase a dream - That seems so out of reach - And you know it might not ever come your way - Dream it anyway
God is great, but sometimes life ain't good - When I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should - But I do it anyway - I do it anyway

This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe - That tomorrow will be better than today - Believe it anyway - You can love someone with all your heart - For all the right reasons - And in a moment they can choose to walk away - Love 'em anyway
(Repeat Chorus)

You can pour your soul out singin' - A song you believe in - That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang - Sing it anyway - Yeah sing it anyway - I sing - I dream - I love anyway

There are many reasons I am grateful!

So much times goes by without the proper recognition of my many thanks for my family & friends, again, there is no better feeling than FAMILY & the bonds we have, odd at times, but full of love & support.
This is another reason, my nick-name for my son, ATW, is "my rock." Thru everything I have been thru, he has too. I have never lied to him & he hasn't to me. He has been there for me, no matter what.
Again, Love doesn't judge & is unconditional!
Another grateful reason, my sisters! Always there, whether we plain & simple chat to catch up, yell to explain our point, yes we are all stubborn too, or just call to really say hi, my sisters.....words can't even begin to explain my depths of love, admiration, and just how proud I am of them and all their accomplishments, I honor them always!
The Leader of the family too, I do respect tremendously, even tho we butt heads from time to time, my Mom. The total strength of our family, to me. The strength she has shown me to get & grab hold of. To walk w/a high head & smile. I don't think she gets enough credit from me.

Grateful & Not taking anything for Granted

My sister, over a year ago, encouraged me to start a blog. I had broken my foot & supposedly had lots of downtime to sit & write. Well, living on a lake & having that luxury right in front of me got the best of me. I would sit for hours on end doing absolutely nothing. For ten weeks I had my butt carried around, oh yea, broke my right foot so I couldn't drive, to & from work, etc.
My BF, the "SAINT" he is, this same sister, AC, gave him this name, due to all the issues that were all around me.
At this same time, my Dad, had kidney surgery & that's where my time went, spending this precious time w/him, not fully understanding the actual outcome just a few five months later.
This is why I am extremely grateful for family, most of all, friends, acquaintances who come into our lives at the "right" moment, and yes, even my co-workers.
Where I am today is ALL due to my Family.
Being the youngest of three girls, being "the spoiled brat", the "baby-sister", you name it I got the title, and the most famous one I love the most & will never hear it again is/was "Peanut." This is why I a grateful, most of all, my folks.
Now some will say I made all the wrong choices, but again, this is what makes me, me. A stronger, healthy, compassionate, understanding person. My folks, no matter what, thru it ALL, were right beside me, even between the "she said, he said, they said" They were there for me. Yes, I take heat, and I mean heat, but because of them, I have my surrounds to be grateful for & I will not take advantage of that.
I am me and my folks will forever be a part of me.
Thank you for them!