Tuesday, May 03, 2016

50 Things Every Woman Should Have by age 50.:

1. An old boyfriend who makes you smile with melancholy when you remember him and an old boyfriend who makes you proud of how far you've come.
2. A piece of furniture that has never been previously owned by anyone in your family that you bought with your own money and makes you happy.
3. An outfit that makes you feel invincible if your future employer or man of your dreams calls to meet you in an hour.
4. A set of lingerie that you would not be ashamed to be seen wearing.
5. At least one scar on your heart where HE hurt you.
6. A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age.
7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age -- and some money set aside to help fund it.
8. An email address, a voice mailbox, and a bank account -- all of which nobody has access to but you.
9. A dream so big it scares you.
10. At least One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.
11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a pair of totally unpractical shoes.
12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.
13. The belief that you are worthy of treating yourself with respect.
14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine, a push-up bra and a great pair of spankx
15. At least One recipe you cook well to impress the fussiest of guests
16. A place to go just to think... where you can be completely alone with your thoughts.
17. At least one child who looks to you for guidance and advice...even if he or she isn't your own.
18. The knowledge on how to break-up with a man or confront a friend without losing your temper or your self respect.
19. At least one lover who knew exactly how to touch you to make your toes curl.
20. The memory of a kiss so powerful...just the thought of it could sustain you into old age.
21. The medical history that runs in your family so you can take care of YOU!
22. The ability to live on your own and not be dependent on anyone.
23. An outfit that feels like you are in a cocoon and safe from the world...its usually fleece or flannel
24. The ability to let go of the hurts from your childhood and embrace the fact that your parents did the best they could with the skills they had
25. One secret that makes you smile.
26. A memory that makes you cringe....because those memories were lessons that brought you to here
27. A journal full of your deepest thoughts
28. A person you can call at 4 in the morning because you're in a bind
29. The knowledge of what you are willing to accept and what you are not in a relationship
30. Something you do that is just for you and no one else.
31. A piece of jewelry that has sentimental meaning
32. An older woman in your life who embodies the traits you wanna develop in your old age.
33. A spirituality that feeds your spirit and nourishes your soul.
34. A soundtrack to your life that when you hear it on the radio you sing at the top of you lungs
35. Someone or something you LOVE with your whole heart
36. A to do list that never gets completely checked off
37. Enough money to run away in case you have to
38. A purpose to rise out of bed every morning
39. The ability to look in a mirror and love the ripples and bumps and wrinkles that stare back at you....because you earned them all over time.
40. The ability to say NO without having to add anything further.
41. A hobby that you can get lost in for hours.
42. A hole in your heart from losing someone you have loved deeply...
43. Done at least one thing kind for someone that has no way to ever repay your kindness...
44. A "Been there - Done that" T-shirt to starting over from scratch..whether it be from a divorce, a career change, a massive loss or surviving life's curve ball.
45. A photo album full of memories..even if it's on a flash drive or saved to the cloud.
46. A passport... Up to date and ready to be stamped for the next adventure.
47. At least one grey hair, wrinkle and saggy body part.... If you don't.. Something's wrong.
48. An accomplishment that's all yours...outside of your children, not tied to your spouse...something you have done or created all on your own.
49. The knowledge of who you are as a woman. What makes you happy and what is no longer tolerated.
50. The understanding that 50 is not over the hill...its not even close to the hill.... There is no hill even on the horizon....cuz you still have shit to do....

Monday, March 28, 2016

Francesca Battistelli - If We're Honest (Live)

Truth is harder than a lie
The dark seems safer than the light
And everyone has a heart that loves to hide
I'm a mess and so are you
We've built walls nobody can get through
Yeah, it may be hard, but the best thing we could ever do, ever do

Bring your brokenness, and I'll bring mine
'Cause love can heal what hurt divides
And mercy's waiting on the other side

If we're honest
If we're honest

Don't pretend to be something that you're not
Living life afraid of getting caught
There is freedom found when we lay
our secrets down at the cross, at the cross

Bring your brokenness, and I'll bring mine
'Cause love can heal what hurt divides
And mercy's waiting on the other side

If we're honest
If we're honest

It would change our lives
It would set us free
It's what we need to be

Bring your brokenness, and I'll bring mine
'Cause love can heal what hurt divides
And mercy's waiting on the other side

If we're honest
If we're honest

This is where I take apart a song that I find mindful for me, for my Truth.

Truth is hard, especially when you are self reflecting.  It has to be truthful about oneself.  I am learning, w/the help of my counselor.  Lie, means you need to keep track & that's not me, just start from the beginning & tell the truth, be honest, it's like telling a friend that something is stuck in their teeth....
Dark can be safe & can be scary, to me it's not the Truth, it's denial.  A dark hole!  Yes, we are a mess, be truthful about this!  By building our, my walls, I don't have to own up to my mistakes & can just hide away from the truth, it's like that day where you want to stay in bed & pull the covers over my head....again, not dealing w/whatever situation I am in, that to me, isn't the truth.

My Truth, I am broken & I can be fixed....this is changing my life.  Love can heal!

Now, Love can heal, however, as I have said, my opinion, it does take 2....no matter the relationship kids, siblings,friends, family, ex's, at work w/co-workers, bosses, managers, no matter the mix, most all can be repaired, but if once a cheater, then always, I'm not sure, been there....

Yes, Love can heal, included peace, communication, compassion, listen, patience......and more,..by coming together, being broken together, all can mend.

Seek help, seek advice, seek friends, journal, read the right books,
This can change our lives, this is changing my life.
Not to be in the dark.
Step out.
Take that risk.
Be Honest, it does get easier!
Does this make sense?

I am no counselor, yes, life is hard, but the moment that I have opened my eyes up, Nov 2009, I have lost a lot.
But I have pushed forward as I am in search of the truth, my truth, my journey. I can't wonder or help another w/their's, just me.  My Yellow Brick Road that I a taking one step @ a time.
What's my Truth, yes I will get there, but for now, for the World to know, one step at a time.
As you can see, I haven't been here on much, in some time.
As my Blog is changing, I have been thinking about changing this all up.
I used to be on more to be in touch w/family, but now, it's more turning into a Journal & my feeling have come out in songs, lyrics.
Yes, more Christian songs, as too, past of my Journey, finding my spiritual way too, is very important, that's another topic.....to start I was told to go & then we wouldn't even discuss our teachings, learnings from Church services.
Anyway, as I am finding y Truth, more will come out.  I can grow & that's my goal....

Here I am a little seed, just that little girl growing up, trying to be molded, pushing away the heavv dirt, growing, stretching into the sun-light.....looking for the approval......more to come...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Danny Gokey - "Tell Your Heart to Beat again"

You're shattered
Like you've never been before
The life you knew
In a thousand pieces on the floor
And words fall short in times like these
When this world drives you to your knees
You think you're never gonna get back
To the you that used to be

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
Step into the light of grace
Yesterday's a closing door
You don't live there anymore
Say goodbye to where you've been
And tell your heart to beat again

Just let that word wash over you
It's alright now
Love's healing hands have pulled you through
So get back up, take step one
Leave the darkness, feel the sun
Cause your story's far from over
And your journey's just begun

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
Step into the light of grace
Yesterday's a closing door
You don't live there anymore
Say goodbye to where you've been
And tell your heart to beat again

Let every heartbreak
And every scar
Be a picture that reminds you
Who has carried you this far
'Cause love sees farther than you ever could
In this moment heaven's working
Everything for your good

Tell your heart to beat again
Close your eyes and breathe it in
Let the shadows fall away
Step into the light of grace
Yesterday's a closing door
You don't live there anymore
Say goodbye to where you've been
And tell your heart to beat again
Your heart to beat again
Beat again

Oh, so tell your heart to beat again

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Big Daddy Weave - "Redeemed" (Official Music Video)

Seems like all I could see was the struggle
Haunted by ghosts that lived in my past
Bound up in shackles of all my failures
Wondering how long is this gonna last
Then You look at this prisoner and say to me "son
Stop fighting a fight it's already been won"
I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, now I'm not who I used to be
I am redeemed, I'm redeemed
All my life I have been called unworthy
Named by the voice of my shame and regret
But when I hear You whisper, "Child lift up your head"
I remember, oh God, You're not done with me yet
I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, now I'm not who I used to be
Because I don't have to be the old man inside of me
'Cause his day is long dead and gone
Because I've got a new name, a new life, I'm not the same
And a hope that will carry me home
I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, 'cause I'm not who I used to be
I am redeemed, You set me free
So I'll shake off these heavy chains
Wipe away every stain, yeah, I'm not who I used to be
Oh, God, I'm not who I used to be
Jesus, I'm not who I used to be
'Cause I am redeemed
Thank God, redeemed

Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 Tips For Happier Holidays

10 Tips For Happier Holidays

Helpful Ways To Get In The Holiday Spirit
Deborah  King
Deborah King More by this author
 **Cool Tips:**
‘Tis the season to be happy, but happiness isn’t all the holidays bring. Everywhere you go this time of year, you’re greeted with jingling bells and cheery carols, and commercials and Facebook are full of smiling families in matching sweaters. It seems that everyone is full of non-stop merriment, which can make you think you’ve done something wrong during those moments when you feel frazzled, angry, or overwhelmed.

As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I see many students at my healing courses each January who are dealing with the aftermath of the holidays: hurt feelings or resentment from family get-togethers, sugar-comas and sluggishness from too much food, depression, exhaustion, and all kinds of other symptoms caused by “the most wonderful time of the year.”  The holidays do bring joy of course, but let’s admit it, they can also be quite stressful and challenging. What all the glossy pictures don’t show is the rushing around, the search for perfect gifts, the hours spent cooking, baking, decorating, or addressing holiday cards—the barrage of obligations and activities that might leave you feeling more exhausted than cheerful.

Whatever your traditions, arming yourself with some protective measures as the holidays get into full swing is a smart move. Just as energy healing clears negative energy from your chakras and field before it can cause physical symptoms, these 10 tips are can help reduce your stress before it creates bigger problems, and make your holidays healthier and happier.

1. You can’t do everything (and you shouldn’t have to).
Consumer culture is designed to make you feel like you’ve failed if your holiday isn’t perfectly choreographed and ready for a Martha Stewart magazine spread, but you are just one person! This doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel, but rather understand that you may not be able to plan the company holiday party, bake pumpkin pies for the whole neighborhood, and hand-make all your gifts. Delegate where you can, take a few shortcuts, and generally give yourself a break this year.

2. Manage expectations.
Nothing will be perfect, so don’t expect it to be. Trying to meet unrealistic expectations is a recipe for disappointment, so don’t let the little snafus get you down. People might be late, drinks might spill, and gifts may not arrive on time, but the unpredictability is what makes it fun. Try to set manageable goals you know you can accomplish, but also allow yourself to be flexible and spontaneous.

3. Take time to recharge.
You need some alone time each day during this busy season to decompress. Go for a walk, play with a pet, take a bath, make a snow angel, meditate, whatever calms your mind, body, and soul. Even if it’s just five minutes, take a break from the hustle and bustle to recharge.

4. Reevaluate your holiday routines.
Is there a holiday tradition that you dread each year? If you find yourself wondering why you are still doing an activity that doesn’t bring you joy or fulfillment, it may be time to let it go. With a jam-packed season, why waste time on something that is no longer rewarding?

5. Meditate.
Meditation is always an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but during this time of year, meditation becomes even more vital to your sanity. My recommendation is twenty minutes twice a day and this is the one time of year you don’t want to skip it. Trust me, you will feel calmer and happier.

6. Get enough sleep.
Sleep is underrated most of the year, but now, when sickness spreads easily and stress is high, sleep is essential medicine. Seven to eight or even nine hours a night will keep your immune system strong, your focus sharp, and your mood more stable. Getting enough sleep will also help you combat sugar and carb cravings so you can avoid overeating.

7. Give from the heart.
The true spirit of the season is about giving rather than receiving, and true giving comes from the heart. Anyone can plop down a credit card, but thoughtful, heart-felt gifts are always more appreciated and memorable. Consider giving to a children’s charity or hospital, or give your time and volunteer. Knowing you are helping others and making their holidays brighter is more rewarding than anything you could possibly get.

8. Give the gift of forgiveness.
This is the season for friendship and families, but that doesn’t mean hurt feelings or resentments suddenly disappear. Holding grudges hurts you more than the other person, so for both your sakes, give the gift of forgiveness this year. Use the techniques you’ve learned in energy medicine to approach those sticky relationships with love, and use this time to begin healing old wounds.

9. Practice kindness.
Being kind to others isn’t just for the holidays, but this is a time to focus on radiating that kindness far and wide. Give up your perfect parking place at the mall, help someone carry their packages across the store, and be sure to say thank you to the clerks, wait staff, and flight attendants who help you out this season. A smile and kind words are always in season.

10. Get in the spirit.
The spirit of the season is about light and spreading that light to others. So take some time to think about what this holiday means to you on a deeper, spiritual level. Keeping your larger purpose in mind will help you focus on what’s really important to you and allow you to release everything else.
Lastly, set an intention to enjoy yourself this year! The holidays are what you make of them, so maintain your energy healing routines, have fun, let go of guilt and obligation, keep your sense of humor, and be grateful that you have been given the gift of another year on this planet to experience laughter, light, and love.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Anger Is Tough..............

I like reading To Save A Life & this is yet another great article...tip...tips....a lot to think about

Anger is tough to deal with. There are many excuses that we tell ourselves in order to rationalize our anger and not take responsibility for it. As hard as it is to admit, these excuses are really just lies we use to convince ourselves we are right and everyone else is wrong. These lies need to be debunked. So, I want to share four of those lies, and then apply the truths that can counter each one. Meditate on the truths and how you can apply them to your own life. Let me know how they work for you!

Lie #1: “If I don’t get angry, people will think I’m weak.”
Truth #1: The Lord says that His power is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). Allow Him to take the weakness you currently experience and turn it into strength. Choosing your emotions shows strength. If you keep your emotions under control and act assertively, others will begin to see you as a person of strength instead of a person with unmanageable anger. This leads to an opportunity to share with others where the change they see in you in comes from. What a powerful witnessing tool!

Lie #2: “I shouldn’t keep my anger bottled up.”
Truth #2: You don’t have to keep your anger inside. However, you also don’t have to let your anger out in an aggressive manner. You can and should learn how to manage your anger. This may mean discerning when you should react, and learning how to react assertively rather than aggressively during those necessary times. This means that you are able to wisely distinguish between issues that need to be addressed and those that don’t. Remember: managing your anger is not the same as keeping your anger bottled up inside.

Lie #3: “Anger is healthy.”
Truth #3: Intense feelings such as anger will cause health problems, not resolve them. When someone becomes angry, they frequently experience bothersome physical and emotional symptoms. Is high blood pressure healthy? Is a high level of anxiety healthy? Of course not. However, many people experience these and other symptoms while angry. So, the truth is that anger is not healthy. Remembering this may help you work towards getting rid of your unhelpful anger (see Ephesians 4:31).

Lie #4: “I can’t help it if others make me angry.”
Truth #4: For many, this is the most difficult lie to face. The fact of the matter is that only you can control yourself. While the words and actions of others may trigger your anger, no one can “make” you mad. Try changing the way you think and speak about this. Instead of saying, “So and so made me mad”, try saying “I got angry with so and so.” Through this simple change, you are taking ownership of your anger instead of blaming someone else. This is truly a challenge but the outcome is well worth it.
I find the last one to be the toughest. What about you?

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

This is from the book "The Language of Letting Go." Which I highly recommend, a must read for anyone.  It's isn't just about recovery, being an alcoholic

Putting Our Life on Hold

We cannot afford to put our needs on hold, waiting for another person to fulfill us, make our life better, or come around and be who and what we want that person to be. That will create resentment, hostility, an unhealthy dependency, and a mess to deal with later on.

If we have decided we want a particular relationship or want to wait about making a decision in a particular relationship, then we must go on with our own life in the interim.

That can be hard. It can feel natural to put our life on hold. That is when we get caught up in the codependent beliefs: That person can make me happy... I need that particular person to do a particular thing in order to be happy....

That's a circumstance that can hook our low self-esteem, our self-doubt, and our tendency to neglect ourselves.

We can get into this situation in a number of ways. We can do this waiting for a letter, waiting for a job, waiting for a person, waiting for an event.

We do not have to put our life on hold. There will be repercussions from doing this. Go on with your life. Take life a day at a time.

What is something I could be doing now to take care of myself, make myself feel better, get my needs met in an appropriate, healthy way?

How can I own my power to take care of myself, despite what the other person is or isn't doing?

What will happen if I break the system and begin taking care of myself?

Sometimes, we get the answer we want immediately. Sometimes, we wait for a while. Sometimes, things don't work out exactly the way we hoped. But they always work out for good, and often better than we expected.

And in the meantime, we have manifested love for ourselves by living our own life and taking the control away from others. That always comes back to us tenfold, because when we actually manifest love for ourselves, we give our Higher Power, other people, and the Universe permission to send us the love we want and need. Stopping living our life to make a thing happen doesn't work. All it does is make us miserable, because we have stopped living our life.

Today, I will force myself, if necessary, to live my own life. I will act in my own best interest, in a way that reflects self-love. If I have given power or control of my life to someone other than myself, and someone besides a Power greater than myself, I will take it back. I will begin acting in my own best interests, even if it feels awkward to do that.

Casting Crowns - Just Be Held (Official Lyric Video)

Hold it all together
Everybody needs you strong
But life hits you out of nowhere
And barely leaves you holding on

And when you're tired of fighting
Chained by your control
There's freedom in surrender
Lay it down and let it go

So when you're on your knees and answers seem so far away
You're not alone, stop holding on and just be held
Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place I'm on the throne, stop holding on and just be held
Just be held, just be held

If your eyes are on the storm
You'll wonder if I love you still
But if your eyes are on the cross
You'll know I always have and I always will

And not a tear is wasted
In time, you'll understand
I'm painting beauty with the ashes
Your life is in My hands

So when you're on your knees and answers seem so far away
You're not alone, stop holding on and just be held
Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place I'm on the throne, stop holding on and just be held
Just be held, just be held

Lift your hands, lift your eyes
In the storm is where you'll find Me
And where you are, I'll hold your heart
I'll hold your heart
Come to Me, find your rest
In the arms of the God who won't let go

So when you're on your knees and answers seem so far away
You're not alone, stop holding on and just be held
Your world's not falling apart, it's falling into place I'm on the throne, stop holding on and just be held
(Stop holding on and just be held)  Just be held, just be held
Just be held, just be held
As always, for me, I am draw to music, to songs, to lyrics.
Finding me, finding my Faith, huge help for me...